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whats sleep

morning my fibro freinds , whats sleep , theses last 3 weeks iv hardly slept , i wake up 2 or 3 times a night , my brain likes a clock at the moment , when i do get up i manage a hour then my body goes all fatuge and tired ,havnt been able to think straight ,no conserntrsion , lack of apittite , i startded a new pain pacth burtrans 5 micrograms transdermal ,thears more side affects on this simmler to fibro .

going back to docs on monday , iv noticed im thirtsty and geting sores on my mouth ,

so back to bed for me soon if i can sleep again , im drained ,

due you think i have sleep apnina , as i snore aswell being told .

morning to all at 3.37 am ,

soft hugs x


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'Sleep' Ive heard of it but still waiting to try it out :).

Hope you manage to get some decent sleep soon. Ive been like that for about 15yrs now. Think it started a few years after fibro started. Im really bad for a few months then get into a few weeks with a few hour but it dosnt last. Get all the same symptoms as you and also very irritabe. Not easy when you got two chidren and on your own. Ive given up on pain killers now and just try and plan my day to get through. If things dont get done I dont stress anymore, there is always tomorrow. Tried the patches but had serious breathing problems so that kind of put me off trying anything else.

Hope you managed to get some sleep even if just a few hours.



sleep its a distance memory ive had fibro for 15yr ,,hope u get few hours sleep , nothing worse whats more annoying people dont understand only other suferes , good luck with a kip gente hugs


Please see your GP... I have had fibro for 23 years and its only in the past 18 months I am getting sleep at night... I know it is med induced as without them I Dont sleep but hey any sleep is good and I usually get 7 hours.... After years of trial and error I found out what suits me dosulepin anti depressant taken at 10pm exactly along with 0.5 mg clonezapam.. If I take them later they don't work ... Weird but if it works I am not gonna knock it , everything looks better after sleep hope you can find something that works for you sooner than later I wouldn't recommend over 20 years of cat napping ... You,ll end up as mad as me.

Hugs VG x


hi thank you for that had fibro know since 1998 ,but i go through bouts of lack of sleep ,even more so know , iv tryed amptriplyn for pain and sleep but that didnt work , will mention it monday , thankyou x


soft hugs xx


I need up buying one of those beds that is solid memory foam, and works like a hospital bed, moving up and down at the head and feet. OMG it's the best I've slept in years. I put it up for my legs and my hip pains disappear. Up a wee bit at the head area. Once I sleep I waken up in the same position. No more sore shoulders, dead arms, no sore back. Only while I'm out of bed. Brilliant, but expensive, but worth it.

I had posted a blog, but they must have thought I was advertising, but how is everyone going to know about anything that helps unless u explain it! I give up.


WOOPS, it's meant to read I ended up buying.


Hello Tink and my goodness you posted early today! Sleep can be a real problem with Fibromyalgia as you are aware,

With Fibro, sleep quality is affected and people with Fibro do not get enough deep, restorative sleep. This means that even if you sleep 12 hours straight, you may not be refreshed, and so will continue to be tired.

If your sleep quality is okay, then after sleeping for 8 hours, you should wake up refreshed. If this isn't happening, talk to your doctors about targeting your sleep quality. Some doctors just ask "are you sleeping?" without making it clear that sleep quality is the important thing, not just quantity.

Hope this helps Tink, please let us know how you get on at the Doctors on Monday. :)

Best wishes and hugs. xx



hello, I've always thought I was a light sleeper, didn't know it was the Fibro, I was only diagnosed two weeks ago so still really new to it, I've been on temazepan for at least 20 years only half a night, but after taking every night, I only take one when I haven't slept for at least 4-5 days, didn't want to become addicted, didn't realise I was getting proper sleep, I have been prescribed nortriptolyne, so we'll see how that does, really sorrry totally forgot your question!!!!!! oh yes, as of yet I haven't got any sideeffects, have had about half an hour of energy today...yay...and flopped again, got a bit better sleep only woke about 3 times ....hugs xx


hi all i manged to get back to bed at 6.30 this morning , reallly didnt sleep felt i never slept feeling worse than ever , ,wish i could afford the bed u mentioned had slept on one when i broke ankle for 3 weeks but didnt help ' feeling worse again back to bed soon .but got to force myself to eat first , ,lack of sleep no appitite ,great , thank you for advice and let u no how i get on


tink xx


Hi Tinkerbell66, have you tried taking VITAMINS i take magnessium 250 mg for restless legs which help also i take calcium magnessium and zinc as well because ZINC is good for restless legs as well im also drinking camomile tea and you can also take valerian as well which helps relax you, im not a big medication fan if herbal can do some good, because of the side affects.I tend to put a pillow against any area thats weak and a hotwater bottle, plus a couple of paracetamol and i can cope with that. xx


Please check your meds when considering vitamin supplements I only take very few meds which I consider myself lucky but I have suggested several supplements and natural remedies to my pharmacist and GP and have been told I cannot take them... The most surprising was cough and flu medicine... Something I would never have thought could react with my meds.

VG x


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