Tooth pain and Fibro

I've recently been diagnosed with Fibro. For the last 6 months I've been having tooth pain. Have been to the dentist and I'm being told everything is fine. Have had X-rays and tooth and gums are healthy. Have anyone else been having this problem? I don't have tooth pain every day but almost. Because of my pain meds it reduces the tooth pain, but I'm worried. Any comments anyone?

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  • Hi Norwaynoodle. Back last September I had really bad face pain which went from my ear to the middle of my jaw. Never felt pain like it. My GP told me to go to dentist which I did and dentist did xrays and said there was nothing wrong. After 2 months of this pain coming and going I ended up having a tooth out, which seemed to ease it at the time but I do occasionally still get this pain. Its awful. In March this year I was diagnosed with Fibro but thinking back I believe the pain in September was the start of it. I have read somewhere that Trigamnel nerve pain (not sure of spelling with this foggy brain) is sometimes linked to fibro but I havent had this confirmed by a health professional. Hope you feel better soon. Gentle hugs Joolz.x

  • Thank you, this is very helpful. I will find out more. :)

  • Hi NorwayNoodle

    I am so sorry to read that you are suffering with this horrendous pain, and I genuinely hope that you can find the answers that you so desperately desire and deserve. I am neither a doctor nor a dentist, so I cannot say for sure what the problem is? However, I have pasted you a link below to the NHS Choices page pertaining to 'Trigeminal neuralgia' which is what Flossyjoolz unfortunately suffered with:

    There are many things that it could be? So it may be advantageous to discuss this issue with your GP to try and get certain conditions ruled out such as infections or sinusitis?

    I want to wish you all the best of luck with finding some resolution and relief to this awful scenario.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Thank you Ken! I'm finding this site such a tremendous source of information and it's good to know I'm not alone (or crazy). Will continue learning about my Fibro.

  • I have suffered tooth problems for years. I now dont have many left, they keep coming lose and then falling out, I find that rincing with mouth wash helps..

    Sue xx

  • I get random toothache on both sides but my teeth are fine. My dentist said it's the fibro.

  • I get tooth pain and sometimes it is from the ear right through to the jaw and it is horrible. I have found that I am gritting my teeth at night, not grinding just gritting, I wake up some mornings with my teeth tightly clamped together and quite sore. So far the Dentist has found nothing but last time I saw him I never thought to mention that I had Fibro, it has only been through this site that I found out my tooth pain could well be my Fibro gift :) I am for the dentist soon and will be enquiring about a guard to stop me gritting my teeth and hopefully this will help sort my problem out. I hope this is of some help and that you find a solution that works for you :)

  • Definitely sounds as if you have temporomandibular joint disease - TMJ or TMJD. The frame will be like a miracle.

  • I was advised on here a while back that it might be TMJ, my dentist is good but loath to give guards so going to plead nicely and see what happens. The little joys of fibro :) thank you, its nice when others recognise what you might have it is very helpful :)

  • Hi, I've been having similar pain for some time. Had a filling, a crown and the tooth removed..........absolutely no change.

    I'm off to the dental hospital soon but I suspect they won't find anything specific either.

  • Feeling as if you have pain in a tooth which is normal can be a symptom of TMJD - temporomandibular joint disease. It's very common in people with fibro. Other symptoms are face pain, headaches, clicking of your jaw bone - you might not have all the symptoms. Sometimes in an acute phase it can be difficult to open your mouth fully. I went to a specialist dentist and he made me a face frame that I wear when I get the pain or indeed any face pain and headache and it magically cures it all. Ask your dentist if he can refer you to a TMJ dentist or to a dental hospital.

  • I am so sorry to hear about your problems but can commiserate as I am the same. I have had what I call phantom toothache for about 5 years now. Even when I had both Wisdom teeth out that were actually bad I still had pain in that area for about 18 months afterwards. In fact I was so convinced there was something wrong that I mentioned it to the Dental Specialist when I had the last one out and she was kind enough to send me for an Xray just in case there was any tooth left in there but there wasn;t. She said it was just something that some people had and to go to my doctors and get some stronge painkillers, I could have died laughing at that one as I am like a Smartie tube with the painkillers i already take. I have found that swilling that area with a solution of Difflam does help numb the pain. It could also me TMJ and if you are like me and grind my teeth that can also make the pain worse. I do hope you get an answer to it as I know what you are going throughx

  • OMG! I'd not heard of TMJD until you lovely people told me. Thank you!

  • Hi there, i recently aquired a mouth brace courtesy of a lovely new dentist, this has helped with neck pain, tmj, and migraines. I have been in pain for many years with this and am over the moon. Good luck,

  • Yes its like a miracle isn't it. I have had to find lots of non-medication solutions because I have paradoxical effect to most medications, and what I find in the end is that I get less pain and discomfort by using these little tricks than people who take big doses of analgesics.

  • Hi Jjudith, wish to say big thank you as it was you who suggested tmj to me, My daughters dentist then asked if i had migraines when i was in the room with her while she was being treated ! He too suggested a mouth guard, so i switched dentists and have never looked back. New dentist also knows about fibro and is very accomadating,unlike my previous dentist. So now having gum treatment to save the teeth i still have left ! Last dentist said nothing could be done. From a very grateful Sharon

  • Oh isn't it wonderful that we can share ideas on this site! I am so very pleased that you got relief from pain, like I did. Love and hugs x

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