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Always tired battling the fatigue we know so well ? Here are some ideas which really can help us

Yes really can. Please add any of your ideas or things you do!!

1. Sit up as straight as you can

2.Tuck your chin in and lift your head from the crown pause and breath in deeply

3 Let your breadth out slowly from your mouth

4 If you can stand and do a little rockin (you can sing if you want no one will know)

5 Smile why because it makes you feel better.

6. Is your room a dull colour get it repainted a cheerful one.

7. Where colourful clothes it lifts your spirit and makes you smile.

8. Do something for someone else - however small!

9. Give a friend flowers to say thanks for being them!

10 have a hug so lovely and reassuring.

11. Laugh at every opportunity.

12. Take a power nap when you are shattered but dont let it be more than ten minutes Tell yourselve you will be renewed and invigorated on opening your eyes!

13 Make a Mantra a positive phrase to repeat to yourself

14 There is no such word as can not - most things can be done one way or another

15 Tell someone you like them / love them

16 Dont drink coffee change to tea 6 -8 cups a day no sacherine

17 Please drink water 8 cups a day as well

18 If you are having problems talk to someone a problem shared is a problem halved

19 If you have a Cat a Dog a pet of some sort sit and stroke it every day it lowers your blood pressure and it is lovely

20 Enjoy life it is not a rehearsal


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Hi, could I just add:

when you've struggled to complete something, give yourself a huge pat on the back and a 'I DID IT'!!!! Lynn x


OMW gins, does number 19 account for my dizziness every time I stand up then ?? :-)

Foggy x


Does that make you dizzy hun well sit again and stroke some more :)


And remember there is always someone who is worse off than us, at least our condition isn't a killer.....Dee x


So true though some days we feel like it is


So true, we should count our blessings sometimes. There are days when it is hard to get through, with lack of energy and fatigue, but we do get through. I often use a mantra when feeling low and it does help to brighten my mood. It's a good thing to be able to come on here and express our thoughts and receive feedback. We are all in need of a lift now and then and sharing really does help.

tannels x


I did yoga for over 20 years. Something I learned is to light a large candle in a safe place and sit comfortably. Look into the candle and try to clear your mind of any thoughts or worries. Count slowly to 10, but every time your mind wanders start back at number 1. This is not a competitive sport :) So no cheating or getting cross with yourself. Just acceptance. I've never managed to get to ten but I find it relaxing. The key is to keep trying to clear your mind. It takes some practice but what do you have to lose? Hope that helps

Hugs to all

Coz x


This is a brilliant way to focus and relax thanx Coz gins


Thanks gins :)


I like this one so easy to remeber going to try it ty xx


I do voluntary work to get me out and about I enjoy it and it gets me out


excellent it help divert us doesnt it


Yes and I get lots of support with fibro and cause I'm hard of hearing :)


I havent got family support...except for my youngest granddaughter's mum who rings at least every other day to make sure I'm ok. She tries to get down once a week because she's only a couple of miles away...but she has 3 children and a part time job. A few friends call round and give me a lift when possible...I dont drive. I struggle to do chores and d.i.y. but the fact that I havent got enough money to pay for a home help or the odd jobs...actually forces me to try to do more myself. A neighbour is going to try to find time today to move heavy furniture and lift the old I can paint the skirting boards before getting a new carpet fitted. I'm grateful for any help I can get.


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