cost of letter from gp?

I've been struggling with my bath for ages. I have no shower so have to bend over to wash my hair, also to reach the taps and/or clean the bath I have to bend over and twist round because the sink is in the way. I suffer with a lot of back pain and this always makes it worse. in an ideal world I would rip out the bath and put in a basic shower cubicle but I can't afford it.

a friend suggested I phone my landlord (housing association) and ask if they can do it for me. they want a referral from a gp/health professional stating what changes need to be made for my health. doesn't this sort of letter cost money? feel a bit stuck now, can't afford to fit a shower, can't afford to ask permission for someone else to do it lol

anyone else had to get one of these letters? how much did it cost you?

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  • I had to ask for a letter from my GP and the GP said it would cost £20. However when I went to pick it up they didn't ask for any money and just gave it to me.

  • I had one fitted free of charge I just had to show that i was getting DLA and a means test. However even if GP does charge it not likely to be much what have you got to lose by asking?

  • Elvis, You could ask the GP for a an OT (occupational therapist) assessment I think this would have more clout than the GP's letter!


  • It is occupational therspists job to come out and see what you need help with in the home, they can arrange for housing association to alter the bathroom to your needs, there is not usually a charge for this. Contact local social services dept to mske appointment, usually a wait. Good luck

  • Hi

    I needed help because I found it hard to get in and out of the bath, I contacted Occ Health they sent someone out to see what help I needed. They arranged for me to have a bath life fitted which was done within a few days and they also contacted my local council saying I needed a ground floor flat with walkin shower. I now have a ground floor flat with a wet room. This did not cost me anything!

    Good luck


  • I've recently been pronounced fit for work by an Atos so called professional & have been told to speak to my doc about it. He's been as useful as a chocolate teapot lol & also said, he won't do anything til the report arrives & if & when he does write a letter, it'll be charged for. Over a year after completing mind blowing forms, that now can't be taken in2 consideration, as things can change in that time. Having had to re- book a medical due to the death of my dad, then having them cancel an appointment just hours b4 it was due! Waiting a month after the medical, to be told over the phone, "This is a curtecy call to inform u, we will be stopping your income support in( what was then),3wks!!!" To add insult to injury, 5/6 days since that call & the report still hasn't turned up yet. I'm now 2wks away from living on next to nothing! Then I see a picture of a bearded Muslim, burning poppies!! Who resides in our country &'ve guessed it.. Is on Benefits! There's No Justice anymore. I'm on my 12th day of being a prisoner in my own home, without anyone to help me. Totally isolated, if not for my phone(& even that keeps freezing up on me & making me panic)! I can't afford to use the heating Now! God only knows what I'll do in2wks time?! Looking on the bright side... Unlike my poor dad, I'm still here to tell the tale guys.

  • thanks guys. think i'll look into the occupational health team and see if they can help.

    I kind of feel bad for asking for anything because I don't suffer as much as some, although it's still totally shit lol. if it weren't for the awkward layout all I would need would be an over bath shower so no need to bend over.

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