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Pain in feet..& legs

Hi i was wondering does anyone with this illness suffer from nerve pain in the arch of the feet?..I started of with foot pain in which there are blue vains sit out in my feet and go blochey red like i was sitting at a fire,The nerve pain have my feet throbing an restless legs with it.This is the only symptom that i have had from the start in 2004 an still drives me mad.

My cousin was telling me her mother-in-law had a opp on her feet ( a bit like carbon tunnel ) opp on her feet an shes been great,my GP says there is nothing he can do..does any1 no if ya can get this treated as i feel like just chopping my feet of at the worst times..

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you can have an injection or have feet straped up they told me it was called planta something cant remember the end its like heel spurs and it is caused by walking badly which is comon with fribo cos of pain in hips and legs look up foot and heel pain on the internet and you can read about it and see if it sounds like your problem hope this helps sorry about spelling have fribo fog today


Thank you Karen,i asked my GP for the cortazon injections as he gives me it in my neck..He said i dont need it and he cannot do anythg..He gives them to my sister-in-law tho???...

I have looked that up wat you said an i will be printing it out and as usual (myself)telling the GP wat is wrong with me yet again...

Thank you again..x


Hi sarah, I suffer with pains in my legs and feet, it feels like sombody is stabbing me with a hot poker, i also get very restless legs aswell as in the rest of my body just like sombody has given me an electric shock, i mentiond this to my doctor and he put me on Pregabalin he told me these are used to treat epilepsy aswel as being used to help with fibromyalgia, we are still getting the dosage to the right level but i have noticed that ny restles spasams have calmed down, i still have big spasms while at rest so i need to go back to my doctor to get the dosage of the pregabalin right.

Hope you get sorted soon, keep your chin up.



Hi sarah yes i suffer with the same problem my doctor also said it was Planter Fasciitis easy terms Police mans heel you must make sure you wear sensible supportive shoes and excercise your foot if you put a t towel folded into a sausage type roll around the ball of your foot and pull towards you ten times a few times a day it helps to stretch the muscle and also a good antiflammatry cream that you can rub into the painful areas,mine comes and goes at one point it was so bad i thought i would have to walk with a walking stick so do try this hope it can help you !


There have been some scientific studies recently which suggest those with Restless leg syndrome may go on to develop FM in later years. I found this interesting since iv suffered RLS since i was a child. Main reason for it is poor circulation, which could eventually lead to nerve damage in feet. I have myself recently started experiencing pain in the balls of my feet and suffer very bad pins and needles in my feet at the most random of times. My doctor has suggested Duloxetine. It is an anti-depressant which puts me off, however it is given to diabetics to deal with nerve pain in feet and hands. Maybe something worth considering discussing with your doctor before considering surgery.

Best of luck x


It could be a few things actually.

The combination of burning nerve pain and skin involvement in a limb does make me think that you need a referral to a consultant (probably pain management) with experience of CRPS also:

Fibro would not cause your feet to go red with prominent veins!

Definitely see your GP and ask for a referral (as they are clearly not confident or experienced enough to diagnose this). If they refuse, calmly ask them to log on your records that you have these symptoms, have asked for a referral and you have refused this. Then see another GP. GPs have a responsibility to refer their patients on if they are not confident in making a diagnosis or treating a specialised condition.


Thank you every1 for your help,i will bring this up again with my GP and make sure i do push him for a referal this time.

Its a great relief to talk to people who dont think its all in my head..keep up the good work and i am sending this link on to other suffer's like myself.


I have had this problem since February I was referred to physiotherapy in June and went through the usual exercise regime to no avail have just last Thursday been given cortisone injections ouch that really hurt hope it was worth it I too suffer very badly with restless leg and severe calf cramps i also have problems with my toes feeling very stiff and wont bend big toes mainly


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