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Any alternative to Gabapentin/Pregablin?


This year I discovered I can not handle Pregabalin or Gabapentine anymore. I had been taking Gabapentine for around 2 years than tried Pregabalin at the beginning of the year when I had a horrible flare with new pains which was bad due to the cold weather. I can now predict when the weather is going to get colder! Unfortunately it sent me mentally unstable. So, i went back onto Gabapentin and when the weather got warmer I came off that and had a pretty good summer just being on Venlafaxine. So November came around and with the cold weather. I went back onto Gabapentine and I reacted badly like with the Pregabalin.

All I am on now is Venlafaxine and ibuprofen. I am reluctant to take ibuprofen as in all honest it doesnt do much unless i take a ridiculous amount. Plus I discovered it makes me retain water & bloat.

So, can anyone recommend alternatives to help cope with pain?

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Duloxetine is licensed for Fibromyalgia as well as depression and may suit you better than Venlafaxine -best talk to your GP or Pain Consultant. I use Meloxicam as my Anti Inflammatory as I cannot tolerate ibuprofen or diclofenac. Again best to talk to your GP.


Hi Pensham,

the right thing to do is to discuss this with your Dr. and decide between you the best medication to use. We all react differently to meds and we can use different meds for different conditions. Be careful with anti-inflamatory pills as too many can cause internal bleeding.

Hope you get something sorted out soon.

Take care. GJ xx


Good evening pensham,can you ask your g.p to refer you to the pain clinic for a review of your pain meds?xxx



Thank you for responding. I am seeing my Dr this morning but was not feeling hopeful as the last couple of times all he has offered up is ibuprofen. Now that i have a few alternative suggestions I can talk to him about. Fingers crossed.



All alternatives are all the same side effect. You cant win. I have been on the highest dose of the tablets mention for the last ten years, it just drive me insane some times but guess what I just get on with it..

Take it easy that all I can say.


I get on well with duloxetine and paracetamol. Everyone is different and I hope you have a sympathetic GP to help you find out what works best for you. A referral to a pain clinic can help.


Hello Pensham,

If sounds like you have been sensitive to a few medications used for Fibro pain, as suggested asking for a Pain Clinic referral may be of help to you. Here is a post about Pain Clinic which may be of interest;

You may also like to take a look at our website about treatments for Fibro too;

I hope you find some relief in the meantime with a warm Epsom salt bath or heat therapy maybe

Hope this helps

Emma :)


I take naproxen instead of ibuprofen I take it twice a day and it works for me ask doc for alternatives


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