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Tramadol v Gabapentin

Hi all

I am currently on Tramadol for pain relief but to be honest I am a bit frightened of it as its addictive & I also take Venlafaxine. On the leaflets you get with both meds it states both should not be taken together. I have tried before coming of the Venlafaxine with horrendous withdrawl effects only for me to go back on them at a stronger dose.

A friend gave me a strip of Gabapentine & I have taken it now for 3 days. I have noticed a difference & my sleep has been great. So I am now wondering which med is the better of two evils.

Can anyone give me their opinion & advice.

Many thanks


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Ive been on both and to be honest its a matter of what works for you .. not nessesaraly someone else go back to your Gp and chat with them cose really they are the experts ( even those who are not overly helpful )

Also I am not trying to boss you around but you should never take other peoples medicen it can have huge problems with medication your already taking .. if you were to have a reaction the hospital would not know what drugs you were on and this can be disasterous

sorry not trying to be dramatic either Gentle dyslexic hugs

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I was just about to point that out Lexie, that no one should take other peoples drugsas they haven't been prescribed for them.

Gabapentin is not a pain killer for me it was prescribed for neuropathic pain, so its not a painkiller as in the "normal" understanding of pain killers. x x x x

Personally both are on gabapentin.

Both are addictive.

Be careful about taking someone elses could be dangerous for you.

I would go back to my g.0

P instead.

Hi Jackie

How are you keeping after this week? I was on gabapentin a few years ago and went onto pregabalin but i cant remember why!!!!! and i am now taking pregabalin but coming of it...

I have tramadol but only allowed 4 a day and only take them as an when i need them.

Think its something that you need to talk to your gp about.

Take Care


Hi Jackie, As Lexie says, it is something to discuss with your doctor but I've had exprience with all three drugs. Gabapentin didn't do much for me. I was also on Tramadol with Venlafaxine and I think I did suffer from some of the adverse effects until I got the Venlafaxine down to a tiny dose. The neurologist suggested Pregabalin which is similar but newer than Gabapentin. On a mixture of Pregab and Tramadol, I have been able to half my Tramadol dose but not stop it completely. As others have said, we are all different and whatever you do should be under medical supervision.

Christine x

Thank you all for your responses.

Lexie I do understand what you mean about taking other peoples meds & its something I would advise people not to do.

However I am in so much pain & feel like I'm hitting a brick wall trying to get medication let alone Drs tryin me with others to see which works best. On Thurs evenin my back & hips felt so bad I felt like gettin a taxi to A&E but then thought better of it. They struggle as it is with shortage of staff etc.

I am going to go to Docs open surgery on Mon or Tuesday?

In the mean time I will just stick to the Tramadol, Paracetamol & Thermo Heat Wraps (although they do cost a small fortune).

Thanks a lot everyone. I'm so glad I came across this site. Its good to be able to ask peple questions & hear from others as we are all in the same boat & understand how fibro effects us without people not believing you or thinking your attention seeking.

Lots of hugs & luv


I take Pregabalin, duloxetine , Pramiprexole and Tramadol...... all documented as drugs used for FMS and some so called anchor drugs. Check out this article

M x hope this helps :)


Thank you so much for this information. Its a bit double dutch to me but I think I will print it off & pass it on to my GP.

Luv & hugs


I take pre-gabelin for fibro and it does help. For me tramadol was excellent BUT it is hard to wean off from. I was awake for 45 hours! this might only ever apply to me but be careful. regards, sandra

Thank you Sandra

I find I dont get much sleep with Tramadol & Dr hs weand me of the Zolpidem sleeping tablets I was on. I'm on 25mg of Amytriptaline but that only gets me over to sleep for about 3 hours. My Venlafaxine is 375mg & I cant handle the withdrawl for it. Tramadol effects the same way which is why I dont want to be on it any longer. Damn this Fibro its llike your fightin against the world tryin to be treated with the right meds. I know when I sleak to the Dr he'll say BUT & have some reason not to give me the Gabapentin or Pregablin & I've read up that they are good for RLS which I suffer from too.

Many thanks Sandra

Luv & hugs


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Hi there can I ask what is Rls x

Hi Tinney, it's Restless legs syndrome.

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