Gabapentin VS Pregabalin

Hello everyone,

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend (It is my 21st birthday today, I am wild!!) lol

I was just wondering if anyone has had experience of being on both gabapentin and pregabalin, I am about to start the process of coming off of the gabapentin and increasing on pregabalin as I am then able to take it three times daily.

If so please could you tell me which you have find the most useful!



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  • Hi yea I been in both pregabalin made my asthma bad and gabapentin gave me hepatitis so nine really helped me sorry my hubby is on gabapentin and he finds it helps him if that any use and happy birthday x

  • Happy birthday to you! I hope you did indeed go wild!

    I can't offer any personal experience of these drugs but wondered if you have checked out info on the NHS website (if UK). Might help. Also might be some useful info on the FMA UK charity website?

  • Firstly. Happy Birthday Ryan. Hope Uv celebrated in the way every 21 year old should. I have never taken pregablin but have taken gabapentin. Came off due to weight gain.

  • Happy Birthday xxx

  • Happy Birthday Ryan!

    I hope you've had a nice day. X

  • Happy birthday Ryan, I genuinely hope that you had a good one!

    I am taking Pregabalin but I have never taken Gabapentin. I do not have any problems with Pregabalin and I appear to tolerate it without any side effects.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Happy birthday Yes I swapped the pregabalin works more effectively

  • Happy Birthday Ryan 🎊🎈🎂🎉

    I hope you had a riot and are not paying the price today, oh well, actually if you had a really good time what does it matter, you're only 21 once.....sadly (except I might just reach it as I'm going backwards as my twin goes forwards 😉)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Ryan ,I'm singing this ,Don't Laugh,

    Happy birthday to you ,Happy Birthday to you ,Happy Birthday Dear Ryan ,Happy Birthday to YOU

    Happy 21st ,Hope you have a Lovely Day.

    I was on both ,I get on better with Gabapentin.

    Love and Extra HUGGS

    JACQUI x

  • happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear rayn happy birthday to you

  • Happy birthday Ryan hope you have had a brilliant day. I have been on Pregablin for about 6 years now and it was a life saver as far as the burning neuropathic pain is concerned. It is still there but that aspect of my fibro is so much better. I believe Gabentin and Lyrica are quite similar but what suits one doesn't suit another so as with alot of drugs for fibro unfortunately it an be a matter of trial and error. Hope you find one that suits you.x

  • Happy Birthday. I too am coming off gabapentin. Due to start pregabalin on tuesday. Gabapentin made me ill, migraines, snappy and uncomfortable. Not sure what pregabalin will be like but alot of people have moved like us to it and been told its not as harsh as gabapentin. Fingers crossed!


  • Happy birthday Ryan wishing you a wonderful 21st year .I hope you had a fab day with no pain .xx

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