gabapentin? any good for anybody else??

is anyone currently taking gabapentin. i have been on for 2 months now. 1 month 100mg 3times a day , now 300mg 3 times a day working ok ish til the weather changed two weeks ago when got cold and wet, been swallowing zapain like sweeties since, anyone else have similar effects on them. if so what to do?? thanks . in so much pain all over but manage sleep with pillow between knees/ankles. xx

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  • Hellow joymew, I was on Gabapentin earlier this year but didn't find it particularly helpful. I also struggled with the side effects. My GP changed my prescription to Pregabalin which is a similar medication and I find it helps me a bit more. If your medication is not working for you I would suggest that you should go back to your GP for advice as there are other drugs to try that might suite you better. All best wishes. Jane x

  • I know I shouldn't laugh but my dog has this and it helps him a lot. I had not heard of it before but now I know its like what ladyfingers says Pregabalin. It helps my dog sleep and his joints so I think it must do the same for us. Its really expensive but if it works you dont mind. I hope it works for you too but may be you need a bigger dose so talk to your Doctor.

  • Hi joymew,this could be me! I have just increased up to 100mg Gabapentin 3 x day.I was on Lyrica but had bad side effects so had to stop it.I haven't noticed anything helpful since starting Gabapentin ,I'm taking my full dose of Zapain also and the bad weather has hit me like a ton of bricks .I've spent a lot of time in bed since the weather changed as I can cope with the pain better if I am reclined .

  • thanks ladies at least i know im not the only one feeling so rubbish (more than usual)with this weather. have docs on wednesday so will see what she says. i had allergic reaction to amitripteline so have to be careful what stuff i try. i work 6 hrs a day driving round delivering sandwiches etc to businesses and its very hard on the legs and arms but what job wont hurt me with this condition.i am also better when laying down under a warm blanket. i have 2 girls and 2 ponies to look after and see to which is getting increasingly difficult but i wont give them up! i can no longer ride though which breaks my heart cos my arms and elbows are just too painful..ah well it wont kill us they say.. well its having a blooming good go at it!! sorry rant over lol

  • I have Pregablin, currently titrating up, no side affects...... Mind you Fibro does so much not sure what's Fibro and what's side affect :/

  • Hi, Ive been on Gabapentin for a few years now, it's recently been increased to 400 mg am and lunchtime 400mg, 600mg evening, I don't have any side effects apart from weight gain and I think it helps although it's difficult to know what my pain would be like without it. That's always frustrating because it's difficult to judge but I think it's helping. You just have to try for some time to see if it suits you. Good luck!

  • hey,fibros,i'm on 600mg 3 times a day plus 25mg amtriptyline 1 at night. i haven't a clue what's side affects and what's fibro,i just keep taking pills,mind you i have co-codamil to take as and when, you know what i mean,i'm thinking of asking for tramadol see if they are better those co-co get stuck in throat ,i feel i'm just filling up with them,not pleasant.Having my pennies worth,love jacksiex

  • Hey there - 600, 600 and 900 here - kinda works in so much as it takes the edge off. No real side effects appart from (as Moonstonebright says) the weight gain. It took a while for it to show any effect for me, but when I went to 600 3 times daily it began to help. Now the 900 for the night dose helps me long enough that I might fall asleep (though not always, hence being online again at approaching 2am!)

    I'd say if you're not getting bad side effects from it then give it time to kick in properly and maybe talk to your gp about upping the dose again?

    Gentle Hugs

    Spirit x x x

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