Hi to you all, just to let you know I could only take the gabapentin for a week i could only manage one a day it releaved those stabbing pains in my head but made me tired also it gave me head wobbles and I woke up 2 nights running with sweat on my forehead,so i never took one last night or tonight I hope they don't take to long to come out of my system. The inside of my head feels like its moving but my neck is so bad i also have pain in my collar bone and side of neck as well. The added problem is the sudden urge to pass urine and when i go i get a weird sensation like dragging (a bit like cystitis) this has been happening for about 18 months it comes on out of the blue i can be fine all day then i get this urge its horrible. My husband had a collapse on Thursday but he never went unconcious this time and it was fortunate my son was visiting and he actually managed to hold him and we lowered him to the floor. He was fine when we sat him in the chair I now feel i can't turn my back as this is the 5th faint in about 2 months i don't know if its the chemo as it is a different one to last years he had cistaplatin and eptopiside last year and now having carboplatin and eptopiside he only has 1 more session to go I pray he has some remission so we can have a decent christmas . Xx

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  • Truly hope the side effects will wear off soon!! I have not took it personally but heard side effects not great!! Hope your Husband & yourself will feel some what better. All sent to try us sometimes. My Partner & I also he had 2 years of Life Saving & Acute Surgery. I have had Back Surgery that isn't Great at all !! Much Love to You Both Jan. XXXX

  • Love and best wishes to you x

  • Hmmm sorry to hear that. I'm taking gabapentin it's been 1 week. It gave me the head wobble and feeling drowsy. Have they got badside affects,

  • Hi Dimplez i only did a week and I couldn't take as planned so I just took 1 300mg a day instead of the 3x300mg i just felt tired and had sweats and my head felt weird. So on Monday night i decided not to take them again my head still feels strange so taking cocodamol again. However in that short time it got rid of the pains in my head and left me with a different kind of headache. I felt nauseas as well. Im going back to my GP on monday and asking her to refer me back to my rheumatologist i'm really fed up and run down with it all.

  • Aww bless you hope you feel better. I don't if it's the medication but I get headaches and that's around 5am wheh it's really cold. Not slept all night and I take 4 a day atm and the pain is stil there not going.

  • I take 3-300mg a day as needed, it makes me a little tired but it works for the pain in combination with other medication. I hope you all feel better. Take care! 😃

  • Hi @Menarley

    I am so genuinely sorry to read about both yourself and your husbands health issues and I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • Hi I sincerely hope you and your husband are feeling much better soon and do have a lovely Christmas. Big hugs to you both.

    I'm not a fan of Gabapentin due to headache the next day and feeling drowsy. Only tried it for a few days at the beginning when I was diagnosed. Not a fan but what doesn't suit one may suit another.

    Best wishes and I'm pleased to make your acquaintance :-)

  • The side effects tend to be more pronounced the first couple of weeks unfortunately but often worth perseverance. I am on the sister drug Pregablin and felt awful first ,2 weeks but carried on as my pain was excruciating. Now I can take a certain dose without problems but if I try to increase I am on another planet.

    Yes unfortunately chemo can have some strange side effects my brother in law has had several different combos and is starting to pick up now he has finished. So glad you son was there. Do hope you can have a better Xmas. Oh had to take his brother both Xmas eve and New Years Eve last year and didn't get home until late both evenings hope it is different this year.Take care and keep us updated.x

  • Seems like you have so much to deal with right now I hope your husband's health improves soon. Us fibromatosis seem to take on everybody else's troubles too. I take amitriptyline and gabapentin or Amy and Gabby as I now call them. I suffer from terrible headaches a bit like a migraine which can last for weeks. When I go to bed my head feels like it is bouncing off the pillows. I only manage to sleep well about once a week. Going back to docs next week as the pain in arms and shoulders and neck is so much worse. I too feel likecI could have cystitis every few months but when they test me I am OK so it is just another symptom of fibro that hides for the medical profession. (But then again don't they all). To the outside world we look fine so we must be hypochondriacs with nothing better to do with our lives!

  • I have been diagnosed with polymyalgia and it is extremely painful I have been on predisolone, I t helped but was still in pain then I was put on gabapentin. I take 300 mg 3 times a day. I am in my mid 70s and have had no side effects. It has been very helpful

    To me. The dosage was increased every 5 days I am very happy with this medication.

  • Hi. I don't know if it is comparable dosage to pregabalin which I take. They seem big doses 300. I take 50 mg at night and can take more as needed. It helps me sleep. If I have a quiet day coming I take 100mg. Which helps. But if I take more I get too drowsy. Can you try lower dosa and build up to a higher one. At least you would get some good benefit.

  • Thank all you lovely people, this is a brilliant site so much support for each other. Every day my husband ask me how i am feeling and i say i'm ok, when i'm not but i really don't want him to worry about me (bless him) so it helps when you can relate to each others experiances, pains and meds


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