The alternative meaning to 'legless'

Now we all know that the term legless normally refers to some being very drunk and I have not been drunk for many a long year. But today when I woke up I felt very odd. I could not feel my legs! So I pulled the quilt back and told my legs to get out of bed, nothing! So I grabbed the leg of my pjs and dragged the left leg out, and then the same with the right leg. I thought whilst sitting there I may as well take my morning meds(none of these are for fibro by the way). Hubby called up to say coffee was made. Lovely. So I stood up, I never even got straightened up before I fell back onto the bed as my legs buckled. So I proceeded to give them a good rub and as I sat back up something clicked in my back. It hurt like hell but withing seconds my legs started to tingle badly. After about five minutes I was able to stand up, legs and feet fizzy. I stumbled around the room like a drunk trying not to fall on my backside. Now I do already have a problem with my lower back and when I sit my legs and feet go dead fully within two minutes, after five minutes the arms hands and neck have joined in. So I have to stand up again. X-rays and MRIs show nothing yet this continues. So I think I may have to tell myself this is the fibro playing yet more dirty tricks on me. Is this a sign of things to come just when I think the fibro can do no more? Who knows as after 26 years i certainly don't xxxxx

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  • Let's hope it is just a temporary blip for you OG as it sounds most unpleasant. Do pop in to see your GP if it doesn't sort itself out and don't forget to keep us posted. Jane x

  • So sorry to hear this Ozzy. Our Fibro symptoms can change over time, mine certainly have. I also developed RLS (Restless Leg Syndrome) a few years after being diagnosed with Fibro and CFS/ME, so this is possible in your case too.

    Whenever our symptoms change or trouble us, it's always advisable to update our GP and discuss this in case our meds need altering or changing altogether. You definitely need to mention the symptoms you are feeling at the moment - numbness, legs buckling, fizzyness, arms, hands, neck, legs and feet going dead etc. These are all significant symptoms that need verifying.

    Please let us know how you get on, we all care about you and are here for you Ozzy.

    (((hug))) xxx

  • What a scary way to start your day! Hope it got better as the day went on. I have perminant pins and needles but at least I havenot suffered like you gentle hugs ((((((((((((((((())))))))))))))) xgins

  • I will be okay lol. I have three numb toes on each foot and three numb fingers on each hand, so used to it. But it is sods law if I am going to burn my fingers it will the want that are not numb and if I drop something it lands on the toes that are not numb lol xxxxx


  • Sounds pretty scary to me too and I cringed at the thought of something clicking - my neck does that - I could picture it all too vividly! Hope you're having a better day today? xxx

  • I have been quite busy tonight as I decided the kitchen needed cleaning, a deep clean so to speak. Well am I sorry I started it, darn right I am. My chest was bad enough but now it is ten times worse for all the dust I have stirred up and the fibro, do not even get me started on that. The cupboard where I keep my dryer seemed clean, until I climbed up on the stool that is and took a good look in there. I got a carrier bag full of fluff out of that little cupboard and I think I have breathed in all the dust. Anyway one job led to the other and the last thing I did was crawl around the kitchen scrubbing the floor. Now all I have to do is wipe all the kitchen units down and I am done, that will have to wait until tomorrow as I neither have the energy nor the inclination to do it now. Suzanne wants to put her decorations up Friday, so it had to be done. Now I am shattered and my lungs are fit to burst.

  • Get well soon Ozzy

  • I will be fine lol, I am mid COPD flare and mid fibro flare so I may as do what I can while I can. Wear myself out in time for Xmas as hubby takes over then. Xmas is HIS job xxxxx

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