Another bad day

Rotten weather today so everything at a standstill, its cold and raining and I am aching from head to toe despite my pain relief (pregabalin/tramadol/paracetamol/ibuprofen).

Spent past few days filling forms out 1) to claim my NHS pension and 2) online form to claim ESA benefit (first claim in over 25years) hit snags on both forms as I don't have info they want, so tried to ring for advice - hung up after 10 mins.

I feel like today is one step forward and 3 back.

Fed up at the moment, so much to do and just no energy to do it :(

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  • Awww {{hugs}} sorry your having such a rough day xx


  • Hopefully if the sun is out tomorrow I'll be fairly normal again lol

  • They want you to give up.

    Don't let them, Mr mainwaring ;)

  • WOW! That is awful in this day and age delicious21 and something that you could really do without. Take care my friend.

  • Hi Dee188 oh its a real dark dingey rainy day here too. I always feel worse when it like this. I'm sorry your having a bad day & i would say. It's probably because you are stressed with the form filling & collecting Information, it's such a long task isn't it my friend. I always give myself a time limit every day & do no more. It's very hard to take your time because you just want it done & out of the way.

    Do you take any form of antidepressants to help with muscle spasms ?

    I do hope you get them all done and take a well earned rest my friend. Hopefully we will get sunshine soon ☺

    Luv Jan xx

  • Hi Dee188

    I hate rainy days at least in windy and cold days you can still rap u[ and take that short walk.

    I hate when you cant get out to deal with things but I always feel worse if I go out on days like this as I'm then stuck in for a week with pain so just make the situation worse.

    Hang on in there and just relax for today.

    Good luck my friend

  • It always seems to strike us worse at a time when we need to be at our best. The aches and pains have probably been heightened because of the stress of trying to claim for yourpension and having to claim for a benefit which if you are like most of us hate having to do. The weather always makes my fibro worse I could be a weather forcaster as I always know when the damp weather is coming even before the sky changes. Just set aside small parts of teh day to do the forms as if you sit there in one position filling them out that doesn't help as I found out when trying to do my PIP forms. I wish you good luck and a successful outcome with both.x

  • Oh dear, sorry to hear you are having a rough time.

    Hopefully tomorrow will find you with bags of energy and all the form filling will fall into place.

    Sometimes when you go back to something after a break it can seem easier.


  • Thanks all.

    I am trying to reduce my meds (already halved my sertraline dose) as I can't cope with the cognitive problems which was the main reason I had to give up my job, it was a difficult decision because I was the major wage earner and the loss of my income has been a major change but dealing with peoples health I came to the conclusion I was not safe to continue so I had to take a leap of faith and hope that as one door closed another may open.

    I am hoping to try an do a short book keeping course or similar so I can maybe take some part time work as I have another 10 years before I can get my state pension and I know for certain I will not qualify for PIP so I will only have a small pension and ESA for the time being. Hubby is 64 and could retire next year but unfortunately he will have to work a little longer as he has been a victim of a pension scam and it looks as though his small pension has all but gone and unfortunately as it was illegally (unbeknown to us) invested off shore its not covered under UK laws so when he eventually retires he will only have his state pension :(

  • The citizens advise will help you with forms Those pills your on I was on all of those but steadially got of them only on Loranzipam and Codrydamol now , Self massage with double base cream helps some times the medication makes you worse like depression can kick in I feel for you good luck

  • Hi Dee188

    I am so truly sorry to read this and FMA UK do have a dedicated benefit adviser who may be able to help you? I have pasted her (Janet) contact details below. The telephone number is a freephone number:

    FMA UK Welfare Benefits Helpline:

    Benefits Helpline: Phone: 0300 999 0055

    Link To Contact Page:

    I want to sincerely wish you all the best of luck and please take care of yourself my friend.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


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