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Gabapentin to Pregabalin

Still in the deep blue sea of diagnosis, currently sitting at UCTD and Fibro. Amitryptalin didn't work, moved onto gabapentin, now coming off as no relief after increasing.

Pain clinic appt starting me on pregabalin, with naproxen + tramadol for breakthrough pain (have been on oramorph and butrans patches last 2 months).

I'm worried about starting Pregabalin after awful side affects of gabapentin, anyone been better on this?

Waiting for steroid injections for back but beginning to wonder if this is as good as it gets.


Penny xx

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Hi Penny, like you I switched from gabapentin to pregablin and I had no problems with it at all and I found I was in considerably less pain.

I have also had steroid injections several times and found they helped enormously but they took a day or so to really kick in. Good luck, Linda.


Thank you, hopefully this new combination will be a lot better,



Hi Pennypug, I too had awful side effects on Gabapentin, but was fine once I changed to Pregabalin. I'm sure that if I could tolerate Tramadol, I wouldn't still be getting pain, and I was told to stop taking the naproxen by my gastro cons after my gastroscopy as he said the ibrufen causes ulcers, and not just in the stomach, but bladder or bowels too, so advised me to stop it. I hope you have found the right pain relief for you now. Gentle hugs, Julie xxx


I have been on Pregablin for about 5 years now and it has helped the burning, shooting pain immensely and it is one drug I would not be without. I wish I could tolerate a higher dose than I am on but it did make me rather out of it at a higher dose. I too wish I could tolerate Tramadol as it certainly helped with the pain but gave me a 24/7 headache but hopefully as every one is different it will help you with the pain. Good luck with the changeover.x


Thank you for you're help on this one, I seem to get panicky about new meds fearing the worst, hopefully this will be a good move in the right direction xx


I must admit that I have had some success with Pregabalin as it has helped with my migraines.

I want to genuinely wish you all the best of luck.



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