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Groin Pain

Hi I know this is late but ive only just disovered your post - i had terrible constant groin pain for a number of years, docs would say the source could be the hip or back.

However, after further investigations I discovered I had low testosterone and they put me on testosterone patches... I eventually was given clomiphene citrate (which is not normal for a guy to take) .

Clomiphene citrate was the best med i had to stop the pain - Can you believe it was down to Pituatory Gland malfunction that was causing the groin pain? This may be the reason your getting pain down there - you may have low testosterone or estrogen levels or they may be too high?. The clomiphene citrate stimulates the pituartory and is also an estrogen blocker

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Hi there saulman,

Welcome to our site, it sounds like you've been through the mill quite a bit. I am sure that some of our male friends will find your experience interesting. I'm glad that you have found the source if your problems and hope that things continue to improve for you, we are always about if you need support :-)

Foggy x


Hi saulman

Yes! I too get a pain in the never regions especially if I sit for too long. I also have a slight problem with the (how should I say it?) the man thing! I have an appointment to have this checked out (very embarrassing). I presume it is just another part of the fibromyalgia. I have read on NHS Choices that hormone imbalances are a key factor in the syndrome.

You take care of yourself and good luck

Ken (the author)


Thanks Ken, you too - if your interested reply back and I'll send you list of amino acids which can be purchased from a health food store that can increase hormone levels naturally


Hi Saulman

I would really appreciate that list on amino acids please! I am having all kinds of problems in that region. The last few days I have started with what appears to be a prostrate problem as well. I do not have a clue if fibromyalgia can cause a prostrate problem or not? I am 50 years old so maybe its just a natural thing, I really don't know?

Many thanks

Ken (the author).


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