Pains in groin

Evening all wandered if anyone else has had this ...

I've only recently been diagnosed with fibro and for the past 4 weeks my mobility has been poor... I can't walk hardly at all ... the last couple of days I've had an awful pain in my right side of my groin like a stabbing pain that goes all the way day my inside leg.... also down outside of left leg .... has anyone else experienced this ... many thanks

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  • Yes i have the same pain but in both side of my groin going to gp regarding it.

  • Me too I have appointment Monday ... good luck 😊

  • I have groin pain from time to time. 3 years ago it was thought it could be bowels. I have regular colonoscopies but the last one was excruciating when the camera got to the bottom right side,the pain was my groin but nothing showed up. Had ultra sound and internal investigations all negative. I now believe this is one of the symptoms of my fm. X

  • Oh my word u really have been through it ...I've only been diagnosed by my doctor .... have an appointment now with rheumatologist on 19 th sept so hope to find out more

  • I have had that groin pain for years....even before dx with FM and that was 20 yrs ago. I call it my saddle area pain. Often it's because I stand for too long. My Dr.understands as she has horses. I sit on a hot pad and pop another pill. Glad to be here. I'm 73 and live in the U.S. My husband has Parkinson's, 5 yrs, and that's how I got on to the site. Bye for now.

  • It is easy to blame fibro for everything and sometimes it may be something else, so do speak to your doctor.

    I get pains in the groin sometimes too. I have a child's toilet step stool and put my feet on it when I go to the loo. It helps the angle of the bowel so things can move better! x

  • Thanks tedsmum I have doctors tomorrow so that's good ... you have a good day 😊xx

  • I live in USA and we buy Squatty Potty, same principle as small stool.

    Goes around toilet and places your feet up and further apart. Google it, probably get from Amazon 😘

  • Ok lovely thanks for that 😊take care x

  • Hi there grandmama 16 thanks for your reply ... I'm 48 and live England.... my pain is there then every now and again I get this horrendous pain that feels like I've been stabbed ... I actually yelp with it ... Hope you and your husband have a good day 😊

  • I have thisbin both sides I think it's to do with my osteoarthritis in my hips

  • yes hun , we have muscles evrywhere and get the strangest of pain sometimes- BUT we must never assume its all fibro, we also have veins and arteries running alongside so see gp and dont assume!

  • Thank you I have doctors tomorrow and hospital on the 19 th sept so hopefully find out more

  • ive had the same feelings for nearly 2 years recent hospital appointment confirmed it was nerve damage.

  • Oh ok thank s for replying ... I've got hospital on 19 th sept and doctors tomorrow

  • Worth seeing your doctor. I saw an occupational therapist a few years back with hip pain. She asked me to do some exercises and bird what bit of me I clutched as they were deliberately planned to give me pain so she would know more. She said if I had clutched at my groin it would probably have been a hip issue like osteoarthritis but at the time I clutched my hip and outer thigh so she put it down to fibro. Since then I have developed groin pain and it is now to do with osteo arthritis in my hip. Good luck with finding what is causing it.x

  • Thank you x

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