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groin pain

does anyone suffer severe groin pain after they have taken gabapentin i suffer from cfs/me and fibro im stating to worry that gaba makes me suffer more pain my gp has put me down to 1 gaba 3x aday i also take 1 nortriptilyn at night but nothing is working so ive gone back up to 2 gaba 3x aday but getting severe grion pain i need something to stop the pain i suffer violent leg pain and pain in my ankles would love to hear any suggestions

thanks joed

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Rheumatologist told me groin pain indicates problem in the hips. Tell your gp. Could just be muscle problem but best to check. Good luck.


i had a full hystorectomy due to groin pain & there was nothing wrong with my womb,, they told me the pain is in my head???


thankyou for your replys eiirwen they are so wrong to tell you the pain is in your head they want to be us for one day i had an ablasion op three years ago an dont think ive been right since violent leg and grion pain im so fed up i feel like my life has been turned upside down i feel im a real pain for my family this makes me so sad joed


Hey there, i also have been suffering from groin pain abdominal pain back pain also so burning in the groin and anus. I have had alot of tests done including 2 MRIs 2 CT Scans colonascopys. And they can not come up with anything. I have a very small herniated discs at L4

L5. But the doc said its not from your back. Been diagnosed with IBS. but thats Abt it. So now after all this time and still feeling pain getting worse. There saying its in my head. I told them before i got sick i didnt even know what anxiety meant. But there telling me its from anxiety. So really im fucked. Cause there is no help. I am on gaba 1 3x. Aday. No change i hope to hear what you have to say after my story. Thanks


Hi Ben please try not to swear we have a variety of people and we do try not to offend any one. I know how hard it is at times. I too have groin pain they say it comes from lymphodema in my case. Hope it eases for you



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