pain in groin and chest

Hi i thought i would come on here and ask you people as my doctor say all my pain is fibro. in last 58 hours i have been getting pain in my right side hip and thigh and into my groin it is really painful and walking hurts. he says it fibro and 4 months ago i went into hospital with this sharp pain in my chest right side. they ruled out clots etc. but said it nothing only pleurisy sent me home since then it has been coming and going and i am in serve pain with it. again doc says it nothing just fibro. has anyone else had these symtoms as with being ill on top ui have a cold and feel so ill at mo. sorry for moan

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  • My ribs ache when breathing at times and I get sharp pains,I also have a large bursar in my R hip which makes walking dodgy,moan away if it helps hun :)

  • I once had pleurisy, it was horrible and it triggered a really bad fibro flare (although I didn't know it was fibro at the time). The residual pain lasted for a long time. I had a stiff lower back and lower back pain that also went round to the front area. I think maybe the trauma of the pleurisy may trigger pain in the weaker areas of your body. But it's worth going back to the doctor if it persists. May be try a different GP if you're not happy with your usual one.

  • I always feel its too easy for docs to say its just the fibro, one day it may not be. You know your body better than anyone and if you are not happy go back to the doctor.x

  • i can relate to this as i have BHMS/EDS 3 and i get pains in chest and groin both sides and my legs become extremely heavy at the top and all base of back hurts and hips its unusual like contractions radiating along. The pain in chest comes and goes too

    and i get the ribs and back like being 'hugged' tightly and say i want to be let go of .. i get in my throat too its a 'undescriabable' feeling not even so much all pain just severe discomfort.

    Sometimes in the groin they tend to look for Hernias as i suffer Hernias but above belly and my dad gets them in groin (had 2) you should be able to feel it though in your groin and it affects legs. so if not happy can always get another opinion but am no way any EXPERT at all. it is also possible you could of strained a muscle too as that can cause groin pain .

    hope it feels some relief soon xxx caroline x

  • Hi I Sympathies with you I suffer it every day and both sides but mostly on my right and have pins and needles as well, my knee often gives way as well. As for the chest back,shoulder,neck, and all the rest cant sleep a full night because something or another starts up be lucky if you get 2 hrs continuous sleep. In March of this year I was down the back garden and had a pain in the chest I have these quite often and it was in the back and the shoulders, I came in and sat down the wife made me a cup of tea but there was another pain in the right side of the neck,it went right up to my ear and was pulsing. the rest is history as I had a heart attack, I had a quad by-pass 15 years ago and one artery died that's what set this off. But my point about fibro is that I often ignore the pains and put it all down to fibro thou I have a heart problem as well as other things. (sorry If I board you )

  • I think you made an important point that although we have Fibro pain other pains can hide under them so take care everyone if in doubt do check it out a new pain should always be treated with respect! xgins

  • I am lucky in the fact that if I go to see my GP with something he checks every possibilty before he says fibro. This for me is a good thing, he could have said my breathing pain was fibro, but he gave me a course of antibiotics anyway. I had to go back as it got worse and it turned out to be lung disease. I am not trying to scare anyone, just showing how easy it can be for fibro to mask something else and GPs not to see it. Another things that blinds the GP is age. If a GP thinks you are not the right age to have a particular illness then it is normally ruled out without tests. But if things persist I would certainly go back and keep going back until you are offered tests to rule things out. Too much is put down to fibro as it has so many symptoms and so many symptoms can cross in the middle xxxxx

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