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Pain in groin

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Can any one relate to having pain in the groin . Just recently I keep getting a sharp pain is this fibromyalgia. I was diagnosed with it a month or so ago . I’m experiencing pain in most of my body and now pain in my groin . Is this also related to fibro .

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Hi there, IMO no. Like I replied about your toe pain. Not everything is fibro related thankfully xx

Hi, I have had groin pain but it was actually my hips that was causing it. Always best to get everything checked out by a qualified professional.

I to have severe groin pain as pain in my hips and all the way down my legs as well as restless leg syndrome but I was told it might not be related to fybro

It could be osteoarthritis in the hip. Make sure to have your painkillers available. Probably need an x ray. Take care. 🙂

Hi,Yes I have this.

Then we connected it with my fibro being the worst during PMS. Sucks!

It’s like a throbbing pain, or random sharp pokes.

My coping mechanisms, are completely distracting the brain - loud music I can sing along to, ice pack, bath and refocusing the pain elsewhere through exercising. Not healthy solutions but they work when I have the motivation to not let it stop me otherwise, it’s a bed day. Either way, recovery is needed, the ignoring the pain method can only last for so long…

Oh anti inflammatory Foods of course, i end up detoxing the body because I can’t eat well in such pain so stick to veggies and fruit.

Hi, I have fibro and then pain in my groin, hip and down the inside of my left leg. I had xrays and it turns out to be osteoarthritis and inflamed an inflamed bursa which I was given a steroid injection which has reduced the pain.

My groin pain diagnosed eventually as osteoarthritis and am waiting for a hip replacement. Good luck

Hiya,I think it’s difficult to tell. I get confused with what is fibromyalgia what is osteoarthritis and what is my mesh causing all these problems.

I would suggest NOT asking on here as they are not Doctors or specialists. Have a natter to your Doctor or Nurse Practitioner and put your mind at rest with qualified opinions.

Hope it eases off but do see your Doc love. Xx

I had a pain in my groin, it turned out to be ovarian cancer. I also have fibro and irritable bowel. Doctors said it was a hernia, but I knew something else was going on and kept going back until I was given a scan. Not everything is fibro related. I’d get it checked out!

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Sorry to hear that teddy C

I have awful sharp pain in the groin when I walk it takes my breath had it about 9 weeks making walking extremely painful after a few steps.

Hi HARROPWow yes I thought it was only me haha. I have been getting sharp pains like electric shocks in both my groin ares for well over a year now,it doesn't happen all the time but if I walk a distance it can happen or if I have been sat for some time and stand up.The GP first said it was due to my hip arthritis, then it was coming from my back as they found I have curvature of the spine but when it started happening more and increasing in pain I went back to my GP and said I didn't think it was from my back as I have had chronic back pain for some years now. The new GP I saw has now diagnosed nerve pain in both groins.

I have found it very difficult dealing with my surgery as they couldn't grasp that this is not all the time, having to describe it as electric shock type pain lasting seconds until the next time which could be a minute or an hour.

I have tried to get an MRI but they refuse ,saying they show up too much ??? I do hope you can get help as this is very debilitating amongst all our other pain, good luck

I have bad pain in my groin and bad hip pain .IAM going to try get appointment with my doctor . To see if it could be osteoarthritis .

Possibly referred from your hip.

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