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IBS - severe pain from under ribcage to groin

Hi, I have the most severe pain from IBS at present it is a burning pain from under my ribs both sides right down to near my groin Most people seem to have the pain just around belly button area but I don't and it has got worse over past few years, since I had a colonoscopy incidently which was 6 years ago. My Dr keeps saying it is IBS and blood test showed up no inflammation but I am still concerned as it is such a bad pain, I suffer from IBS C and constantly feel I need to go but often can't or just a bit only to need to go again a bit later!

My fibro has also flared altohugh this does not always coincide when my IBS does!

would really welcome any advice or your experiences of this!

Many Thanks!

lucy xxx

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Hi Lucy :)

Sorry to hear of your IBS trouble and yes I have problems too since having surgery and coil fitted I don't know why mine has suddenly gotten worse either but I am going to speak to my doctor about it tomorrow as I am at a point where eating is causing me too much pain :(

Speaking from personal experience my fibro always becomes worse when any of my other illnesses flare but couldn't say for sure if the fibro was causing it or whether the other illness was.

I personally suggest going to see your GP as you sound like you are suffering a lot and maybe your GP can help you. Together you would be able to discuss what to do about it and what treatments etc there are which could help to alleviate the problem a little bit :)

I do hope you find resolve soon for the IBS/fibro crossover flare as it must be really uncomfortable.

Sending you soft healing fluffie hugs and smiles :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Hi Lucy, i agree with Zeb, if you are concerned it may be something other than ibs please go see your doctor again and stress this to them. If it is ibs then you may need to look at what you eat to help control it. On advice from the hospital i cut out deadly nightshade group of foods, white potato, tomatoes, peppers. Also white bread, cakes, anything with white flour in it, white pasta, white rice, reducing gluten intake. This has stopped almost all violent stomach spasms, as well as constant and sudden trips to toilet. Good luck i hope you find some relief soon.


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Hi Lucy i have the same area of pain btu know i odnt have IBS even tho my gp assumes it is.i have recently had an endoscopy revealing duodenitis gastritis and a hiatus hernia.htis is i htink the cause of some of my abdo probs in the last two years my gp wouldnt accept-including persistent cough difficulty swallowing and never feelign hungry and pressure feelign on stomach but they still havent accounted fro persistent pelvic pain or accept that my weight gain of 16kgs is all abdominal and nothing to do with diet.white bread could be a contributory factor as i have been eating it this last week and have had more loose advised me nto to eat mashed potatoes.i had a gastrocopy and colonoscopy 2 years ago and them and scans were said to be "normal".



I have only ever had it on my left side at times it has been so sore that

At night I have had to lay on my hands on my tummy this gave me some

Relief, it's the pits I know.

For me I found that I cut out things with yeast in, some veg make it worse

Coffee milk lots of things really, you just need to keep a diary and see what

Makes it worse, it does not cure it but it is a bit better.

I think that when I went to Thailand I had food and a can of orange and this

Was the start of mine I dread to think what was in them but I was very ill after

That I had IBS

When I got fibro some years later I found that the medication that I am on

Stopped the IBS, mind you I still watch my diet.

Love viv


Yes I also have IBS, it is strange how many people with fibro have it. Mine is normally worse low down on the left hand side around groin area but strangely enough if it goes to the righhand side and further up I always know I am going to have a proper flare. It is horrible that feeling of wanting to go and then not being able to. I have gone onto decaff coffee and that helps and I keep off sliced white bread, things like shop bought muffins and unfortunately because I love fruit I just stick to two portions. Since I have been on Pregablin for the neuropathic pain my IBS has never been so severe as it was and some days I am fine. Do have a word with your doctor though as anything so severe really needs to be looked at. Let us know how you get on. Big hugsx


Hi lucy

I am so sorry to read that you are suffering in this way and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. IBS is a horrid thing to suffer, so you have my deepest sympathies. I was interested in your rib pain as I have a very severe rib pain but it is attributed to something called Costochondritis, I have pasted you a link below, if you feel that your pain is like this then it may be prudent to discuss this with your GP?

I want to wish you all the best of luck and I sincerely hope that you find the answers that you desire and deserve.

All my hopes and dreams for you

Ken x

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Hi thank you all so much for your kind words and support really helps! I have booked to see doctor on Friday as think it is worth just chatting through with her again as has been so bad past few days! Ken, I did look up costochondritis once before and mentioned to dr but don't think it is that as ribs don't hurt themselves more behind them! I have tried elimination diets in the past but it doesn't seem to follow any sort of pattern I can have no Robles after eating hamburgers and chips but then have issues after a healthy meal , does not seem to be linked to diet but who knows?!! Lucy x


I use activated charcoal tablets and they have been more effective than anything for pain from IBS and what is more without side effects and you can buy them on the Internet, a British company that makes them sells them at a relatively good price. I'm not sure if you can get them on prescription or not, you could ask your GP.


Hi Lucy, I have had the same problem and nothing I did or the doctor did helped. I was seen in different hospitals, different doctors over the years and it just had to run it's course. I know how much you are suffering with it. I feel for you sweetheart. Hang in there it will let up but fibromyalgia has a mind of it's own. I suffered with these issues for approximately 2 years before it finally let up enough to make a difference. I have taken med's that weren't available in the US and still got nowhere. Best of luck!!! xxx Mitzi


Hi all, a bit of an update, went to my GP as pain is worse not better :(( she has asked me to do a stool sample and then once that comes back she is going to refer me to a gastroentorologist with al probability fo me having a colonoscopy agiain as she said it has been over 6 years since the last one and becuase I had a bowel polyp thought it would be worth checking agian. Not my favourite procedure but hey ho at least she is doing something about it I guess!!

How is everyone else doing who has IBS with Fibro?

Lucy x


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