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DLA there is still hope

I got DLA last year, up to august this year thought i'd just get a form asking if there were any changes. But no, i had to reapply they sent the form back in march, and i only managed to finish filling it in about 3 weeks ago. As we all know its a massive form (think they do that because the size of it will probably put some people off) takes me so long cos i have osteo in my shoulder and my fingers lock. Anyway they sent a letter to say they had recieved it, i braced myself for another fight like last year. The only difference this time is i had a letter from my doc, specialist and the receipt for my wheelchair.

On thursday i found out that they have renewed it till august 2014!!!!!! So to everyone out there that are trying to get their DLA sorted, I wanted to let ou know that there is still hope.

gentle hugs to all


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Brilliant brilliant brilliant :-)


how lovely good news :) xx


Great to hear some good news for a change, well done xx


i have . osteo athritis epilepsy , hypotyroidism and was totally refused dla because work 4 hours , 4x a week , i have now been diagnosed with fibromyalgia , not seen any specialists as my dr says i dont need too, somedays i drag myself to work ,sleep on the bus and then do my shift , sleep on the bus adn when i get off the bus i am in so much pain and my joints have seized up i can hardly walk the 2 mins to my home


right gregorysgal the first thing that you have to do is insist on seeing a specialist! if your gp refuses change to another, as you can insist on a second opinion. I do think that they frown upon you if you work, my next door neighbour has M.E. and keeps getting refused and she works a few hours a week like you. Which is totally wrong because at the end of the day we need money to survive.

Make sure that you fill in the form as though it is your worse day, DO NOT FEEL GUILTY ABOUT DOING THIS!!! They even tell you to do this!!

You also could do with written comfirmation that you are suffering in this way, but obviously you need your G.P onside. Which is also why it would really help seeing a specialist who will put a detailed account on your notes of your problems. They now ask if you want a couple of any letters sent to your G.P, I used to think that this is a waste of money, but no you need all the proof that you can get to support your claim, so say yes!

If I can help in any other way just send me a message and i'll try to help as much as i can

gentle hugs



Congratulations x


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