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Yet another thing to use medication for!!!!!!!!

Hi All,

Happy New Year to all my fibro buddies on this site.

I blogged a month or so ago. and the title was Sticky Eyes, well I went to the doctors on Friday cos my eyes were not getting any better. I thought she would say I had conjunctivitis,but no........I have Blepharitis!!!!!!!!

Yet another thing to add to my list of medical problems. Blepharitis is the chronic inflammation of the eye-lid, leading to ecxema of the eye. As some of my oil glands are not working I get a build up of crust on my eyes which are very sore.

I can't believe that its something else to worry about, she has given me eye cream to use and it will be sorted but will keep coming back, GREAT!

Just wanted to moan on here, cos my family are fed up with listening now, cant blame them tho, I am fed up of people asking me how I am and having to say still in pain, or having a bad day. The good days get less and less .

:( :(

Thanks for letting me moan,

Sue xx


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hi Drogonfly

ohhh noo its not good having one thing after another we feel like hypos lol and we so not.

we ask questions asking if anyone has had this that and other and we all tend to answer yes as if there is nothing that we have not had!!

i can say i have not had this you are describing though and sounds very irratable and annoying i hope the cream helps you have some relief.

i do get like a cloud over my eyes like a sheen and it moves about and i see black floaters and also i do get itchy eyes but not to your extent i get very very very itchy ears as i get exzma in them and always having drops as get inflamed int eh canal to nearly closing up.

they give me antibiotics . i believe most of things i have like sinus issues too are pretty nasty i get steroid sprays ? all connected though are nt they

ears, eyes nose and throat.

well hope you get relief bless you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx caroline xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi Caroline, thanks for the reply, it means alot that someone is out there to listen and try to help. I dont have an ear problem but you will have to take it easy with that cos problems with your ears can affect your balance.

When youre ill, I think its easier to get lots of other things cos your immune system is low.

Eyes feeling a bit better, take care and thanks xxx (0) :)


Ouch and double ouch! It's more than just a pain in the butt! I am having lots of problems with my vision, but what you have sounds nasty, my sympathies are with you, and hopefully it wont recur too often.


Lyndy xxx


Oh you poor love. Itchy eyes are bad enough but being really sore and to be told it will come back is a double whammy.

I alway has sore eyes as a kid and would often wake with them stuck together. For years I used to get a crust where the eyelashes leave the eyelid. Consequently I don't have many eyelashes now. Good job I don't wear mascara :-). I hope the cream works quickly and keeps it at bay.

Piggy hugs xxxxxx



What you have had sounds like what ive got, it can decrease your eye lashes too.

Thanks for your reply.

Feeling better now with all the nice messages.

Take care

Sue xx :)


Hi Sue

I have had it in the past and had cream to treat it

but i have been ok for the last couple of years

take care xx


H thanks for that, feel a bit better knowing it can go away for along time.

The cream seems to be working, thanks god!!!

Take care Sue x


Hi what bad lucl I believe OH had a dose of it and I used baby wipes religously every morning to clear it away - it has not returned to him for last four months- so good luck xgins


Hi dragonfly. I have a tendency to blepharitis too but luckily never a bad as you have it now, poor thing. An optician recommended I get an eye bag - you pop it in the microwave and then lay down with it on your closed eyes for a while and it helps clear any blocked ducts. Found mine online (unfortunately I can't remember the website) and there was some reasonably priced cleaning lotion for the eyelids too. I've found it quite effective.


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