Yipeeeeee! I managed to get out the house to take my son trick or treating! :)

Yipeeeeee! I managed to get out the house to take my son trick or treating! :)

Good evening everyone,I just wanted to share with you all that I managed to have a bath and hair wash and take my 5 year old out trick or treating.It was a struggle but I managed it,and had quite a bit of a walk as well.I felt dizzy though and my leg was hurting and I probably walked too far considering I've been bed/house bound but it was worth it.Although iam sure that I will be paying for it tomorrow :O so happy Halloween to you all and I hope everyone with young kids has managed to take them out trick or treating this evening.I would also like to say thank you for everyone's support today as it has helped me so much today :) By the way,my son looks very grumpy in the pic as he didn't want me to take his pic lol.Plus I dont know how to turn the pic around so please forgive me :O :)

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  • Oh how lovely. I'm so pleased for you. Hope you got some sweets for yourself too! I've replied about your FaceTime query. Bug hug :) x

  • Aww, he looks so cute :-)

  • heheheh! fantastic :D

    He looks really fab Haribo and I'm really pleased and proud of you :)

    Don't forget to reward yourself for your achievement hunny :)

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Very well done :-)

  • Well done! pleased you managed to get out, your like boy looks great but very SCARY I wouldn't want to meet him on a dark night :)

    Have a good rest now you deserve it

    Hugs Maz xx

  • My heart aches for anyone with small kids well done we mothers do what we have to for our kids no matter how much it takes out of us.

  • Hi hun , so glad your feeling a little better , you have had a tough week , your little boy looks great !! Hugs angie xx

  • Good morning everyone! Thank you for all your kind comments :) I feel aweful today,I stayed up for a bit and watched a bit of a scary movie last night but got too frightened so went to bed at 12.30pm.Pain is aweful today,migraine,nausea,stomache cramps etc.. So going to take it easy.How is everyone today?xxx

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