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Wheelchair access - Check this ramp out!

Wheelchair access - Check this ramp out!

HI everyone :)

How many times have you complained about places where the disabled/wheelchair access has been poor to none existent?

Many times I hear you all screaming :D LOL

Well this photo was sent to me by a friend who was in Moscow and it basically shows the wheelchair access to get in and out of this train station.........

................. he sent it knowing I'd chuckle and say no chance I'd be going up the steps on my bum with no care as to how long it would take LOLOLOL :o :D :o ;)

What do you guys think?

:) xxxzebxxx :)

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That's a pretty steep hill. haha.


sorry! but your name says it all LOL

Imagine coming down it :o

:) xxxzebxxx :)


I stumbled upon Health Unlocked for RLS..I started reading

the stories that some were telling and I went 'Yikes- that's me!"

I fit in so well with their stories so I became Yikes in a hurry

in order to keep reading the messages that are not for the

world to read.....Silly Willie name...It's short and fun..Like me..(I

do hope) =))) I can't imagine going up or down on that ramp.

It's a bad accident waiting to happen, I think....


I like the name its quirky and apt

I don't have a powered chair my OH has to push me LOL can you imagine the look on his face with the thought of pushing me up or down it?

I said no-way, never happen LOL

:) xxxzebxxx :)


Laughing pretty hard at that thought..can see that- rollercoaster! =)




I like the handrail is that for the foot traffic or the wheelchair users, what happens if there is someone coming down and someone going up, I guess the going up one loses. I love the little flat half way down, designed to get you in the air when coming down and for you to get air when going up.

Take care & kindest regards



Those are very good points Terry I know that there is no-way I'd tackle it coming down even backwards not a chance LOL



The thing about coming down backwards is you would not see the looks of horror on the people watching especially if they are coming up.

I find this so funny that they have spent money on something for the disabled that no disabled person would use, but perhaps they have mad cyclists and skateboarders there that use it.

Also what is the third track for? it surely can't be for a three wheeled scooter, perhaps for different width wheelchairs, it might even be for the carer to use their in line roller skates then they could get down really fast.

The whole concept really makes me laugh and I really think that it must be for something other than the obvious wheelchair runs.

Kindest regards



I know?! I've been thinking that :o

salt mining perhaps :D or mining in general

aha! folded up buggies, twin buggies perhaps?

It is just a fab concept that people with disabilities have to face that :o

Everyone at home who's seen the pic has laughed and looked at me and my poor OH who pushes me and they've just shaken their heads and then laughed again LOLOL

:) xxxzebxxx :)


The worst set up ever...haha.

Wheelchair stunts..

My dad had a three wheel scooter..

some still do in the USA..Why? I have no idea.

They are big and clumsy . =)


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