I cant remember when i took my tablets??? or di i take them at all????

Oh dear this is just another thing i am gtting bad at . i cant remeber someimes if i have taken my tablets or not then i am scared to take any more in case it makes me ill (lol) perhaps it would do me good and knock me out for couple of hours. ( thats not really funny by the way and dont want to offend anyone with that last statement) but it is my new found fibro humour, i think i will have to put a writng board up in kitchen and mark off when i have them or buy one of those tray things with all the days on them and you put every days tablets in them that way you just lookmand can see straight away if you have taken them, trip to poundland then tomorrow i go to all the expensive placeslol i love pound land and all there bits they have some lovely stufff in there sometimes especially now summer is supposed to be coming they get all thre garden ornaments in and looks like i will bw in garden alot this year sitting in sun reading and nodding off(went completely off track there) love and soft hugs to you all Diddle xxxx

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  • I use one of those tray things for my tablets and still manage to get confused about whether i have taken them or not because i can't remember what day it is most of the time. Good luck diddle and have fun at poundland.

  • I've written this somewhere else but just in case. I have pill box thingy and also noticeboards and post it notes are handy. xx

  • I couldn't remember whether or not I'd taken mine last night and I was scared to take anymore. Can see me looking into getting a pill box thingy too. xx

  • I have a tray, so does my husband for his meds as he had two strokes a little while ago, between us we try to sort which day it is and check which meds we've had x lol n softly softly hugs

  • i have had a pill box for years, but can still miss a whole day these days. I set my phone reminder now

  • I have to check with my friends, I take them when I get to theirs which is always helpful.

  • Hi there i have 3 weeks worth DOSIT boxes (pill boxs) that the name of them and yr gp can priscibe it so the chemist will do them for you too 3 weeks worth is good because then when its time to fill the next lot i know its time to order my precription. soft hugs to you

  • Ive made a chart, in pad. Keep it in med cabinet and mark of what,when, how much ive taken. After recent trip to hospital, the question came "what when dose" er fog set in. This always got of an up to date list :)

  • I usually make a note of when I've taken something; I guess it's just a case of getting into the habit, but when brain fog sets in and I forget to write it down...that's when I get frustrated.

  • Haha i love poundland too.

    I definatly forget if i have took my tablets and which ones and when. It doesnt take much to confuse me and forget lol.

    kel xxx

  • I wouldnt stand a chance of getting mine right without my pill box. I've got one of those 7 day ones from...wait for it....poundland! lol

  • I have to use a container with 7 compartments (ie designed for a week) to get me through just one day. The hubby prepares it for me. I use the alarm on my mobile to remind me when the next dose is. This doesn't always work as I may forget to set my phone. Even if the alarm does go off - I may get distracted and forget about my meds. The theory is that I can tell if I've missed my dose by checking the empty compartments - though often I stare at the box and come to the wrong conclusion. This method isn't foolprooof, but it's the best we can come up with for now.

  • I forgot mine the other day like many i have a pill box and a planner box oh the joys .. i still looked at my friend the other day with a blank face you guessed it i had forgotten if i had taken my tablet in about 30 seconds ... the joys

  • I have a little chart inside the box and every time l take one l can tick it off but sometimes l still forget! have a white wipe clean board on the fridge which l use to remind myself when l have taken painkillers...and l forget to even look at it !!! but try not to take too many painkillers fullstop l think my body will get too used to them and will have to continually progress onto stronger and stronger ones which l do NOT want to do...l use breathing techniques and relaxation for pain but not always very effective,especially when you are in middle of supermarket shopping! and yes l do my own shopping with the help from my grown up son but nobody else to do it for me unless l was bed bound.

  • Hallo my chemist puts my pills in a cardboard-backed sheet with days, times of day and meds so that I don't get too muddled (though I still do sometimes). I keep it by my bed. Each card lasts a week, so I have loads of them! They are in front of my radio so I can't miss them and during the day I leave then on my bed - unless my cat goes to sleep on them, which can be a bit of a bother but she is lovely so I don't really mind - much! PS I have just appealed for DLA again so lets us hope, please. Gulp.

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