How do I get either diagnosed or ruled out as a sufferer?

I have all/most of the symptoms for months/years. Have been seeing a new chiropractor lately but failing to improve. My GP has referred me for an x-ray and given me anti-inflammatories (which I'm afraid to take after my father's history). I feel a GP may read fibromyalgia as "hypochondria". What's a diplomatic approach find out one way or the other?

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  • hi I am afraid most of it is pot luck and ruling out all other medical conditions with your gp scans blood test xrays etc but you will get an answer eventualy and with a bit of fight ... good luck gentle dyslexic hugs

  • thanks, Lexie. Dyslexic? I would never noticed.

  • no prob yes i am dyslexic and when i became a volenteer we discussed a nice way of explaning any miss writen or spelt things xx please get as much support as possible from this sight its a good place xx so always gentle dyslexic hugs

  • my nephew is too + I am dyscalculic (probs with numbers)

    Both problems cause employment difficulties don't they? Good you're on here - just shows we can all be useful somewhere. Thanks for reply. x

  • Hello there AK39, perhaps it might be a good idea to ask your GP to refer you to a Rheumatologist who then will examine you, take blood tests and hopefully you would get a firm diagnosis at this point. By going through this process it would also rule out other conditions thereby easing your mind etc. Best of luck, take care. :) :)

  • Many thanks, Libby. Will ask.

  • Good luck to you AK39, my pleasure! :) :)

  • Rheumatolgist? I haven't heard of those but might it suggest a connection with my father's history. He suffered badly with Rheumatic Fever just after WW2 - but thankfully made a full recovery and is now doing very well at 87! (He also surved dyptheria as a child, and bowel cancer in his 50s) So there's hope for us all!

  • AK39 I also have a problem getting my diagnosis for definate - I have been trying to do so for the last 20 years plus. Its a nightmare especially when you dont have a very good GP - I have been through countless blood tests, 3 MRI scans, countless X-Rays and over 400 lots of physiotherapy - all to no avail. I live on painkillers and amitriptyline. My GP has refused to refer me to see a Rheumatologist even though the PALS says he cant refuse me. I sincerely hope they get to the bottom of it for you. Sorry I have been no help but I was just trying to warn you that you could be waiting a long time for an answer. xxx

  • thanks for the warning! Nice to know am not alone. x

  • I think I would pursue getting an appointment with a Rheumatologist, even if it means seeing a different GP. If your GP practice has several GP's, you don't have to see the same one every time, you can see any of them, ask at reception if one has a particular interest in Arthritis or Pain and get an appointment with them.

    If not, ask for an appointment with the youngest GP who will hopefully be more up to date.

    If that doesn't work, ask to speak to the practice manager, tell them what your GP and PALS have told you and tell them to sort out a referral to a Rheumatologist or better still a Pain Consultant with one of the GP's.

    A Pain Consultant is better, because Rheumatologists deal with inflammatory conditions and Fibro isn't one.

    If your with a single GP practice, change to the nearest multi-practice. Whatever you do, don't be fobbed off.

    Without a definite diagnosis you'll never get the proper medical care you may need.

  • I was disgnosed with Fibro 23 years ago and then again 12months ago. Once your tagged with this then everything is put down to it. Went to see a Neurologist privately last night and he is not at all impressed by my GP or Rheumo as no scans or proper investigations have been done except the pressure points one.

    Had to pay as GP would not refer me. Neuro discovered my blood pressure is sky high and cholestral,although gone up for 5.3 to6.4 has not even been treated. Is writing to GP for me to have MRI at his clinic on NHS. Worth every penny - just for his attention alone. He was disgusted.

    Told him I was fed up walking round like a zombie with all the painkillers which are being given to me. Fibro fog is bad enough.

  • This sounds very alarming! I have every faith in my GP and he has referred me for a pelvic x-ray, but the "F" word has not yet been mentioned...

  • Best of luck AK. You're lucky to have a good GP. Find NHS is going down nick and older you get then less interest they seem to take of you. Lets know how you get on,hope everything goes well for you.


  • thanks :)

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