Fluffies meet Bambi - Saturday search and smile

Fluffies meet Bambi - Saturday search and smile


Foggy's lovely pic of the day reminded me of an old classic Disney film...............

.................. Bambi, so I thought I'd give you a little bit of 'fluffie fun'

There are 15 fluffies hidden in the picture can you find them all?

Wishing you all a very good weekend and send you healing fluffies and smiles :)

I am off to a BBQ shortly though it looks like it's about to chuck it down :o

:) xxxsianxxx :)

The image was a free download from a Disney site which I will gladly pass on to you. If you wish to have it please just pm me

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  • I could only see six, I'll have another go later, want to see the film now xx

  • Looking and counting at the same time :O

    Shoes and socks off again :P got em all eventually :-)

  • I can see fourteen I think :o :o now I will have to really concentrate :d :d

    Foggy x

  • Ah, just got the last one :d


    Foggy x

  • I am so frustrated have looked and looked and can only see 14.x Will come back to it a bit later when I have had tea and tablets and perhaps teh fibro fog obscuring the last fluffy will blow awayx

  • yes 14 for me also xx

  • Done it. By jove that last one was hard to spot.

  • I can see 13 :p

    Possible 14 can't make up my mind wheather there is one by the little brown birds bottom :d thanks for the mental exercise


  • do fluffies move I am new to this but I'm sure the pale blue one was further up the tree when I last lookedXX

  • I can count 10 but I have a headache and am seeing mostly double anyway?

    Thanks for this sian it brilliant

    Ken x x

  • YAYAYAY :p

    Glad you enjoyed the challenge folks some of them are tricky to find!

    Good to work the brain cells now and again :D

    xxx sian :)

  • Just came across this, after a good hunt found all 15. Some of them are a lot harder than others. Gave myself a headache, but it is worth it :)

    Come to the conclusion I must be a technophobe as I have no idea how you do this :)

    good job :)

  • LOL I just came across this because the link was on the side of the screen and I've just been looking to see if I can find them all as it's been 2 months since I posted this and I could only find 13 at first but eventually found them all :D :P :D

    I use a photo collage program to create the pictures and they can take a few hours to compose and piece together if there are a lot of things happening, such as this one. Each fluffie is individually sized and placed into the picture and sometimes the wrong click sends all of them behind the main picture.

    AAAArgh! I have to replace them them all, remember where each one was LOL

    xxx sian :)

  • You must have the patience of a saint :) that would drive me nuts :)

    Oh! I think we have already established that I am nuts, now where to go from here :D

  • ive only counted 14.cannot see the last one at all.

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