Stop the world; I want to get off!

Stop the world; I want to get off!

Oh, I'm afraid I'm just here for a moan, today. My OH is going in to hospital next week for his operation, and I'm stressed out and scared about him having to have such a major op. He's stressing out 'trying not to get a cold' - how you can do that, I'm really not quite sure - and is having one of his whiney moments. I arrived at work this morning, to be greeted by a colleague saying 'what are you doing here on time?', and another one pointing out that I was actually 3 minutes late. I was in the building on time, but it's not easy getting up and down stairs these days, and I don't notice them getting all smart when I'm working 20 minutes after my finishing time! I didn't bother to say that - just hid myself in my own clinical room and only came out to sort patients in and out. I don't have the energy to argue.

And then, mid-morning, I get my OH texting me, stressing out that he has a mild red rash on the glans of his 'little fella', which has been on and off for the last week, and whether it will stop him from having his op. I tell him that he needs to either ask his brother (who is a doctor) or book in with his GP, as he still has a week to treat it (if he needs to), and - with the best will in the world - I can't diagnose it! Then I'm told that I'm 'treating him like a joke', which I'm not, but I'm very stressed out myself, and am not even remotely qualified to diagnose what's up! He seems to have calmed down a bit now, and has booked in with the GP for this afternoon, so we shall see.

I'm just in a constant state of 'on the brink' these days, and I could really use a break, but can't take one, because I'm naturally saving my leave for looking after his nibs when he's in (and then out of) hospital. Either a break, or maybe we could just scoot through to the last week in November, when he's 6 weeks after the op, and out of the danger zone for complications.

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  • Bless you, you really sound stressed and no wonder. Hope the op goes well for your other half, he is probably very nervous. My hubby had a major back operation years ago and was terrified of going into hospital, was convinced he wouldn't come round from the anaesthetic. I am pleased to say he did, and the op was a success. My treat to myself when I am a bit down, is to have a lovely long soak in a lovely warm bath with a relaxation Cd playing softly in the background, and as many candles round the bath as I can. Pure bliss, only place I get peace and quiet. Good luck

  • He's more nervous than he lets on, but I think less so about the operation itself (he's had 2 biggies before), and more about the pain he'll be in when recovering. I'm worried about the op, and the risks, and trying not to show it, as he needs to be as calm as possible!

    GP was useless - didn't look at the problem, and sent him to the GUM clinic, which closed at midday! Great work, doc! xx

  • Hi. You have my total sympathy my OH has asthma and bronciectasis and is having surgery thursday, his first ever op... He is stressing about not getting ill I am stressing cos. will have to do shopping etc while he is in hospital and all the 101 jobs he does for my son and myself.... I am due in hospital Saturday as a day patient for my trigger point injections .. Trying to arrange for my son to spend the day at a friends house... He's digging his heels in.. He's got aspergers and doesn't like things not being planned weeks in advance and trying to arrange someone to pick me up from hospital... None of my friends drive....... I keep telling my self my oh will be fine and everything will fall Into place.

    Relax and breath in and out... I can say it , so why can't I do it?

    VG x

  • Oh, VG, I'm great with the words myself - actions seem so much harder, somehow. Your son must be a bit of a handful, not that he can help it, and all this must be disturbing his balance a bit. Hope you manage to talk him round, and that your OH's op goes without a hiccup. We're both going to be doing a lot of running around after our chaps, by the sound of it - mine lives 40 miles away, and I may be working some of the time he's in hospital (mornings, probably, as visiting hours are in the afternoon), so it'll be an 80 mile round trip every day, plus miles to work! He's worth it, but I'm glad he appreciates how much strain it puts on me!

    Try to relax yourself, VG, and I'll try my end, too! xx

  • Hope things all go well biiiiiiiiiiiiiiig gentle hugggggggggggggggggs sithy

  • I am hoping everything goes well for both of you xxxxx

  • Thanks, both - I'll update when everything's a bit clearer, and the op has happened. xx

  • Oh dear what a stressful time you are having, hope all goes well for you and hubby xx

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