Frozen shoulder

Has anyone else got or had a frozen shoulder? As well as all the pain from the fibro I now have a frozen shoulder and its agony, the pain going down my arm is unbearable and the only pain killers I can tolerate are paracetamol which don't really touch it. Sleeping now is almost impossible. My doctor said I could try having a cortisone injection in my shoulder but i'm a bit worried how this will affect me as I seem to be ultra sensitive to things. I would very much appreciate any help and suggestions you can give...thanks kazzy

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  • Kazzy , I've got exactly the same , no matter how much volterole or pain pills it's still there . See you have Siamese I've 2 lilac and torti .

  • Hi libbs, its awful isn't it so hard to do anything as you can't move your arm with the pain even going to the loo is a nightmare.Yes I have two pussy-cats they are both devon rex but louie in the pic does look like a siamese!

  • Hi there, I had a frozen shoulder for a long time and like you couldn't sleep and was reduced to tears. Nothing eased it at all. I still have to be careful with it but after spending money on regular (very painful) deep tissue massages it really eased off a lot. Some people get referred to physio by GP. I wish I could be more helpful as I know how painful it can be. Take care.

  • Hi lynzard, thanks for your reply, how long did you have the frozen shoulder for? as I had it in my right shoulder 7 years ago and it took nearly 2 years to get better but its still left with a weakness. I can't believe iv'e now got another frozen shoulder in my left arm. Glad to hear you got some relief from the deep tissue massage, I might look into that, or ask my doc about physio not sure what they would do though as its so painful. Did you ever try a cortisone injection ? kazzy

  • I have a frozen shoulder and going to have the injection next month

  • Hi chellshock, let me know how you get on with the injection, hope it helps you. kazzy

  • Will do it is on the 12th x

  • Hi, I have arthritis in my shoulders and regularly get cortisone injections, as well as in my knee. I have never had any problems and the almost instant relief is wonderful. At my worst I cannot even turn myself over in bed

  • Hi shazzap thanks for your reply I know what you mean about not being able to turn over in bed as I have to stay in one position on my back and cant move around, getting in and out of bed is very difficult as well. kazzy

  • Hi I have had it in both shoulders one I had to have done under general anaesthetic the other I had done with injection, I would go for the injection every time it does hurt but not as much as having the lock manipulated in theatre .

    They say once you have had one you are prone to getting it in the other side. Not had any problems with my shoulder since injection which must be at least 6 years ago good luck x

  • Hi fiona thanks for your reply, I remember being told with my last frozen shoulder that once you get it in one you have a 50% chance of getting it in the other shoulder, I was hoping I wouldn't be that unlucky though no such luck! kazzy

  • I have had this twice now and both times I opted for the injection which helped enormously and with no side effects. The first time was worse and I had physio after the injection which did help.

  • Hi lruk, thanks for your reply, its awful to have it twice isn't it, once is more than enough as you know what you've got to come the second time. I don't know if you can get it back again in the same shoulder, I do hope not or it could be never ending. kazzy

  • Hi kazzy, I had what I thought initially was a frozen shoulder, which turned out to be arthritis. I had many cortisone injections and then two years ago had a complete replacement of my left shoulder. (Because I am comparatively young they gave me a "hybrid" replacement which mean I have no titanium or a rod down from the humeral head, just a synthetic humerus and glenoid which my bone will have grown round and apparently it should last at least 15 years, so though it will then have to be titanium, maybe technology will ha moved on again ....I live in hope :-) ) The difference was and is incredible, full range of movement and much much less pain, I was bone on bone for six months prior to the op,so not at all pleasant. I'm now waiting for the right one to be done and sympathise so much with anyone who has shoulder pain as I know how agonising it is and how it can refer pain all over the place. The cortisone injections can help greatly and I would not hesitate to recommend one to you. Do let us know how you get on :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi foggy, thanks for your reply, I also have arthritis in my neck which is now being made worse by the frozen shoulder, as like you say it refers pain all over the place, the slightest movement of the arm and the pain nearly sends you through the roof. Glad to hear you are feeling a lot better after having your shoulder replacement..kazzy

  • Greetings Kazzy,

    Like you I am very sensitive/allergic to meds and will not chance with them anymore. I have arthritis in most of my joints but right now my right shoulder and neck are really bad, alongside the fibro, I can barely turn my head or move the shoulder. I tried physio which actually made it worse. I don't think it's necessarily useful for everything.

    The best thing I've tried is heat and massage.

    I can't afford to pay for massage so I try with my left hand or get a friend to help and I use lots of heat (hot flannels or heat bags which you pop in the micro) which helps with movement and pain. Hot baths and showers are also really helpful, especially for all over body pain. I use natural oils (ginger is good) in the water and soak as long as I can.

    It's not a long term solution but until I come up with something else, it'll do for now.

    I hope this helps and good luck with whatever you decide.

    Many blessings

  • Hi sistabless, thanks for your reply, yes I have arthritis in my neck, both knees and right hip, also I think in my fingers now as they are painful and keep locking up. It is difficult being so sensitive to everything isn't it as it means you cant take the things that might help you, this is why I like to try natural things if I can although that sometimes causes a reaction,as I have been using a wheat bag that you heat in the microwave on my neck, but now that has given me a rash, cant win! maybe back to my hot water bottle with fluffy cover. I like the sound of the ginger oil in the bath will give that a try. I'm not sure weather to pluck up the courage and have a cortisone injection and pray I don't have a bad reaction to it or not, its just with the pain being so bad I may have to chance it.. kazzy

  • I had a frozen shoulder some years back, Physio didn't work for me, neither did painkillers. What worked in my case was Chiropractic, but expensive. Osteopathy might work, and it is available on the NHS.

  • Hi midori, thanks for your reply, my doctor did mention physio being available, but what do they do? is it just exercises, as I cant move my arm.. kazzy

  • Physio was like mediaeval torture! I was sat upright and had a head and neck restraint fitted. This was suspended from a contraption, and I was told to turn my neck slowly from side to side. The idea was that the weight of my body would help free the trapped nerve. It didn't work, and in desperation I went to a Chiropractor, who fixed it in two sessions.

    I mentioned Osteopathy as it works by manipulation, and so does Chiropractic. Osteopathy is available on the NHS, but Chiropractic isn't. Hope that helps.

  • Hi Midori, I remember having that years ago, I think it's like traction, which I also had years ago for my spine, which led me to a complete understanding of why they used the wrack as an ancient form of torture !!! I'm with you on this one :-)

    Foggy x

  • Sounds awful, think i will give that a miss then!

  • Hi Kazzy,

    sorry you are in such pain. I hope my experiences prove useful to you. I have had a number of health issues - inflamed rashes, muscle pain, frozen shoulder, costochondritis and chronic back pain, not to mention my bipolar diagnosis. These issues have all resolved by changing my diet and eliminating the most problematic foods - gluten grains, potatoes, legumes and limiting tomatoes.

    I got my frozen shoulder 11 months ago after a lapse in my "diet". It took a week to come on and I actually thought I had broken my arm because of the pain. I couldn't sleep and the whole of my arm was affected by the inflammation.

    Once the doctor had diagnosed me I went on a strict diet. I drank lots of water, ate only fish, meat, or eggs combined with any green veg (carrots are okay too) or salad. I didn't eat any starchy vegetables, no wheat (bread, pasta, cereals, gravy) oats, potatoes, or beans.

    The pain started easing after 5 days and was gone by the 7th day. It took 2 months or so before I could put my affected arm as far up my back as the other one.

    Wishing you well.

  • Hi chlorophyle, thanks for your reply, this is very interesting as I have tried lots of different diets over the years to try and help all my health problems. As well as the Fibro, I also have ME, sjogrens syndrome, IBS. arthritis, sinus problems, thyroid problems systemic candida and GORD, so now with the frozen shoulder on top of all this I feel at the end of my tether, I have been ill for so many years I am now house bound and bed or sofa bound most of the time, I don't think there is one part of my body that is not affected. My problem with diets and cutting out food groups is that my body seems to be so toxic that when my body tries to detoxify it cant, and then I just feel poisoned and more ill. I cant even take any medications as I am so sensitive to everything, even things like perfumes, cleaning products, newspaper print and many other things affect me, my doctor does not seem to understand i'm sure she thinks i'm just a hypochondriac! I'm glad that you have found some relief from your symptoms...kazzy

  • I hope you are feeling better today. Do you have any family to support you at home?

  • Hi, no I live alone so things are very difficult. I have sent you a pm, hope thats ok. kazzy.

  • Hi Kazzy,

    Hope today's a better day for you. Here's an interesting discussion here re auto-immune and gluten. I would steer clear of the potatoes suggested by someone - a potatoes/baked beans binge gave me the frozen shoulder.


    Another interesting read for you Kazzy!

    And for low carbers- check out this guy's posts:

  • Hello all. Frozen Shoulder is indeed a nasty problem. A new treatment for Frozen Shoulder/Adhesive capsulitis is showing great promise. The majority of the time the patients experience immediate and dramatic improvement in motion. As a clinician of 14 years, I have never seen such dramatic changes in Frozen Shoulders. For actual patient pre treatment and post treatment video links as well as a detailed description of the theoretical neurological cause of Frozen Shoulder at .

    Aggressive ROM exercises and other manual/exercise techniques that are commonly used on Frozen shoulders are very painful, and are largely ineffective. This new 'adjusting' technique is a different approach and doesn't actually involve treating the shoulder itself, but gets immediate results. We are currently doing case studies for publication which will hopefully lead to clinical trials and further research. A breakthrough like this could have greater implications in Fibromyalgia and Parkinson's Disease.

  • I too have got a frozen shoulder but was then told it was rotator cuff problems. Had injection the pain relief only lasted a fortnight. Had X-Rays on both shoulders and told it was osteoporosis but I didn't know that was painful. But getting another injection next week as can only have it every 3 months. Like you can find no pain relief.

  • Hi I suffer with this and always have the injection the pain is worst the day you have injection but then I find great relief .I have had my injection today in agony

  • Hello from Nurse Gladys Emanuel (open all hours) I often have frozen shoulders tennis elbows and housemaid knees I always have a mild cortisone injection for these things and they do work. You should get at least 3 months relief but normally I get longer. The drug is mild as it is direct into the boned area and so you shouldn,t get side effects..

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