Frozen Shoulder

I went to see the doctor today about my shoulder and the pain I am now in. I said I suppose you're going to tell me it's just the Fibro, she tested it and said that it's actually a frozen shoulder. Wow a doctor that doesn't just fob you off.

She was filling in my DLA form when I walked in the room and asked me how it was and when I told her she said she'd jiggle it and help me.

We also discussed my smear and I am going to have it lying on my side as it hurts so much to open my legs in that way. I tried it at home and was in pain for 3 days.

I have definitely decided to keep her as my doctor. The one I had before retired so it's nice to find such a good replacement.

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  • That's excellent a good doctor is half the battle so pleased for you :)

    VG x

  • Sounds really helpful she will look after you :) gins

  • I is wonderful to find a doctor that is sympathetic and that will listen to you then help all she can ,we got a new lady doctor at our surgery ,I went to see her because I was unable to see the doctor I had been seeing and see her all the time listened I told her I thought I may have Fibro and after 20 years plus she got me diagnosed,what a difference to be treated by someone who cares .Look after yourself xxx

  • Hi, I completely understand about you having your frozen shoulder being put under the fibro umbrella !!! I'm so pleased your new gp could see past the fibro.

    I've been having unbearable knee pain and it really got to me as I thought if they say its fibro I will just collapse in a heap, however gp sent me for an X-ray but that came back saying 'unremarkable' gp wasn't happy about this and referred me to a knee surgeon.

    He looked at my X-ray and said rheumatoid arthritis was moving my knee joint !!!! He has referred me for and MRI to see what he will be operating on. When I came out I couldn't stop crying with relief that it wasn't the fibro but something that can be sorted out :)

  • That sounds painful but glad your doctor fights your corner too.

  • Thank goodness you posted this! I've had arm/shoulder problems for months and wondered whether or not it was fibro or frozen shoulder? Now I think it might well be both! AND I've got a sore knee ....

  • My frozen shoulder turned out to severe arthritis that has caused untold damage to the shoulder joints both shoulders are excruciatingly painful at all times

  • Actually for frozen shoulder the best results are from any osteopath who uses the Niel-Asher technique. It can cure your frozen shoulder and take away all pain in minutes. It is completely natural and doesn't involve any injections or medicines. Google it on the Internet. Hope it is better soon, I had frozen shoulder in 1988 and it was horrible.

  • My doctor said to keep it active and gave me exercises to do.

  • Yes, doctors are hopeless with frozen shoulders - they aren't any better now than they were in 1988. The diffculty is that if you do find an osteopath who uses this technique they are usually expensive and its above what most people with disability can afford. When I spoke to a neuro-physiotherapist recently, she said that they do not happen without a cause, and recent MRI of my neck shows I have PC3 with compression of my cervical nerves in 2 places, and she said that was probably the cause of my frozen shoulder. And 71% of people with fibroymyalgia in a Seattle USA study have PC3 - I guess that is why people with fibro are susceptible to frozen shoulder. The thing about going to a Niel-Asher osteopath is that it is cured immediately in almost all cases, and it is less likely to leave you with residual weakness that many people with frozen shoulders have. But its the money issue, it should be on the NHS because it would in the end save a lot of costs.

  • And the difficulty when I had my frozen shoulder in 1988 is that the Niel-Asher technique wasn't developed until about 1994, too late for me.

  • Please tell me what is this Niel Asher technique the osteopath has treated for Frozen shoulders

  • Its a technique of massage for people with frozen shoulders - I have considered it but so far haven't had it done personally, but I think I am seriously going to try it, I've had pain in my left shoulder since 1988 after a frozen shoulder and I still have limited movement. The only books to tell you 'how to' do it yourself are second hand at nearly £200 so I think that it will probably be better to go to see a practitioner though it is private and I guess expensive. Apparently with frozen shoulder it starts with wrong messages from the brain that turn off the function of certain muscles in the shoulder, although no doctor will tell you this. So a particular osteopath called Simeon Neil-Asher devised a series of massage that helps to free those muscles and reeducates them so that they work properly and it results in less pain and more movement. You can find more details on (I think that's it, if not google Simeon Neil-Asher)

  • Oh my dear I feel so sorry for you ,I have had two frozen shoulders just as I was finishing with the right shoulder the left one started .It hurts beyond imagination ,if I did not get up before hub went to work I could not get bra on.I take care now to excersise my shoulders gently ,it was one of the most miserable times in my life .Sending gentle hugs your way .x

  • That's what happened to my mum. I wear one of those easy bras (no fasteners anyway) as I can never get my arms behind my back together anyway.

  • When people used to say they had a frozen shoulder I never gave it a thought ,I do now though and my heart goes out to them .When I was really bad with frozen shoulder I could not have even got an easy bra on ,I wear them now though.take care sweetie xx

  • Hello all. Frozen Shoulder is indeed a nasty problem. I am excited to announce that we are developing a new treatment for Frozen Shoulder/Adhesive capsulitis that is showing great promise. The majority of the time the patients experience immediate and dramatic improvement in motion. As a clinician of 14 years, I have never seen such dramatic changes in Frozen Shoulders. I have some actual patient pre treatment and post treatment video links as well as a detailed description of the theoretical neurological cause of Frozen Shoulder at .

    Aggressive ROM exercises and other manual/exercise techniques that are commonly used on Frozen shoulders are very painful, and are largely ineffective. This new 'adjusting' technique is a different approach and doesn't actually involve treating the shoulder itself, but gets immediate results. We are currently doing case studies for publication which will hopefully lead to clinical trials and further research. A breakthrough like this could have greater implications in Fibromyalgia and Parkinson's Disease.

  • Well I had two frozen shoulders I was on the end of the first frozen shoulder and I was getting the familiar pain and right enough the other frozen shoulder started .Apart from the Trigeminal neuralgia which is the worst pain from hell ,frozen second but so bad ,it made me cry and took 3 years both shoulders to heal so 6 years with it .xxx

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