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Hello everyone,

Many of us have had some rough and hard times lately. So I would ask everyone to share a happy story, or some good news. However small the achievement. Or perhaps you have something or someone you are grateful to. I would love to hear...

I will start it off...after 18 months of learning to drive, with bilateral foot surgery somewhere in the middle I have my second test in a few weeks. It's been such a struggle to learn when I've been feeling so bad, but lets hope the second attempt will do it for me! :)

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  • Excellent Zosie :D I shall shower you with positive fluffies hunny :)

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • That's great news Zosie. Well done! Sending lots of positive thoughts your way. xx :-)

  • Will keep all my fingers and toes crossed for you Zosie........ says Foggy from a heap on he floor.

    My achievement would be the felted poppy which I made earlier in the week, and found that I could actually make something which looks like I wanted it to :-) :-)

    What a good idea Zosie, to hear people's achievements, whether big or small, it's still achievement :-)

    Foggy x

  • yeah! I agree Foggy achievements could be noticed in a category perhaps........ happy news?

  • That is great :)

    I now have my Blue Badge after a medical, I can now stop walking miles to the shop, I,m happy :)

  • I managed to make some angels for the school Bazaar.

  • Oh jilly, thank you so so much you have just given me an idea for some more felting..... Yay :-)

  • I look forward to seeing it. Not sure how to post a piccie of my angels.



  • I just got engaged! :D I class this a big achievement and milestone for us. We all know how difficult relationships can be, especially for people with chronic illnesses and our loved ones! Happy news Xxxx

  • Big congratulations on your engagement. :-)



  • Thank you :D

  • Congratulations Lolis you must be ecstatic :D

    :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Absolutely & feeling lucky, Thank you :D

  • Many congratulations to you both

  • Lolis many congratulations what terrific news how simply fantastic Be Happy together xxgins

  • Its great being able to share this with people who understand, it feels pretty fantastic. Thank you for the well wishes :D Xxx

  • My happy news is that in the last few days my gorgeous grandson, Rhys, whose pic is on my profile, has taken his first steps independently!!! I love him to bits, and I thank God every day for him!! XXX

  • He's a real cutey.x

  • my happy news is that I'm going to see The Magic Flute at the Colesium with my daughter. Bless her, she's taking me in my pushchair (wheelchair LOL). very excited.

    It's great to share good news with all the pain that we have.

    Hugs (gentle of course) to everyone. xx


  • Hey everyone, thanks for sharing. Perhaps we can make this a regular thing :)

    I have a lot of sickness and discomfort at the moment and have had a few panic attacks recently, which I've never suffered with before. Perhaps it sounds silly to be so appreciative but now more than ever I'm noticing and appreciating all the good thins and people I have around me. I feel blessed to have what I do and for friends like you on this site xoxo

  • Sorry to hear you are not feeling so good Zosie, hope you feel a little better tomorrow, sending you a huge soft gentle hug (((( Zosie ))))).....Dee xx

  • My happy news is that I have acquired a lot of wonderful fibro friends, without them I'm not so sure I would be coping as well as I am after the loss of my beautiful doglets , ...so thank you to you all and sending you all a huge gentle hug....Dee xxx ((((( fibro friends )))))).

  • Congratulations lolus .....Dee xxx

  • Thank you :)

  • Thank you Dee :) big hugs back at you! I'm trying super hard to keep positive and I keep thinking about when this flare up will subside. I'm looking forward to my trip to Cyprus in a few weeks. We are going to check out a wedding venue for next year xoxo

  • Good luck on your driving test... Sending positive vibes to you!

    I only passed my driving test two years ago after deciding to learn to drive pretty late :)

    Due to the pain in my arms and shoulders I now drive an automatic which is great... Let us know how you get on! Xoxo

  • Thanks guys :D I knew you would all understand. I never never thought I would get to a happy place like this in my life, and now I'm organising a wedding. I feel so lucky

    I saw a study recently that said (basically) that the secret to happiness is not having the perfect life / having everything you ever wanted - it is all down to feeling grateful. That resonated with me because I'm a worrier and when something good happened I would say to myself "that's good, but..." I would worry about all the bad things coming and railing against the injustices and unfairness of being so ill. Now I try to be conscious of the good things, even the tiny things and just say a little silent thank you and be aware of all the positives. It seems to be helping too.

    I think we need to keep up with the good news stories to balance out all the not so good & downright awful things in our lives. Well done everyone, I know how hard you are working for the little things, you are all doing so well. Hugs Xxxxx

  • I have just read this and I would like to say that the things iam most grateful for are my two boys who are 11 and 5 and this wonderful site and all my fibro friends on here :)

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