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Hello fellow fibro mites!!! I've had some really good news this week! I have been offered a new build apartment! I put my name forward in June and after a visit from 2 lovely ladies a few weeks ago I heard on Monday that I have been successful!!

It will be a big wrench leaving where I am - I've been here just over 28 daughter was brought up here, but I just can't manage the stairs any longer. I had a bad virus last week and I had to stay in bed, upstairs cos I couldn't reach the loo quick enough!! I had to ask my daughter to come and feed my little cat and to put some drinks on the stairs for me!

My main question is - am I doing the right thing? I know deep down I am, and it's better to move now while I am still able, rather than wait and be put somewhere I hate!!

I would just like your thoughts and reassurance that I'm doing the right thing!! Oh, and I will be able to take my beloved cat, Pepper with me!!

Thanks really are the best!! XXX

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  • I think you are definitely doing the right thing. Go with your gut, you know it makes sense. New build means no hassle just move in and carry on with your life. I moved 18 months ago into a house that needed total redecorating, because of ill health it still isn't finished and I still have boxes to unpack. Go for it and be happy. Best wishes x

  • I live in shared ownership, I would love to move into a bungalow, but wouldnt have enough from my share to buy anything. What is your situation

  • I would go for it if you like the area, if you wait and need a move in a hurry you could be placed anywhere. All the best whatever you decide. xx

  • Hi sue i understand what your going through its a big rench after 28 years. As my hubby wants to sell up for me and because of the people who have moved in the area lately all my kids keep saying just sell mum. But i have lived here a long time and i think with me its the fear of change I do hope you can make the best decision for you. I do think it would make life a lot easyer for you. Good luck xx

  • Hi Sue, it is difficult when you have so many memories tied up in your current home, but memories are in you and can be taken with you. This is a wonderful opportunity to move to a new home were you will be more comfortable. If it makes life easier for you then go for it. I hope it goes well for you :)

  • Hi sue32

    I think it sounds like wonderful news! I can genuinely understand any hesitance you may have, as 28 years is a long time and there are all the memories of family and growing up. However, I believe there comes a time in our lives that we must do what is best for ourselves, and this genuinely sounds like one of those times.

    Julie and I have recently moved into our new bungalow, and it was a terrible wrench because of our history in our old house, but the bungalow is perfect for us, and it is wonderful. I want to wish you all the best of luck if you decide to go ahead with your move?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • Congrat on new place.

  • Congrats on new place.

  • Hope you will be happy but if the stairs are the only reason you are moving have you thought about a chair lift? I found my very useful as well as bathroom changed to a shower room.

  • Hi Betty....yes, I thought about a stair lift, but my stairs are too narrow. My bathroom is also a wet room! XX

  • OK I am apologising for going on about it, but you do know you can get different sizes? Moving is a big step and playing devils advocate.

  • Yes, my stairs were measured by the OT and they're too narrow for any of them, unfortunately!! XX

  • OK well then I think you are better to move while you can rather than you must and have a choice.

    Do hope you will be happy in your new home. x

    PS could hang a winch out of the window and haul yourself up that way :-D

  • Ha haaaaaa!! Like a block and tackle you mean? That would be hilarious!!! Thanks Betty....XXX

  • saw some people moving their furniture in that way last week as stairs too narrow.

  • Hi sue, absolutely, definately doing the right thing. I have just started to look into moving to a ground floor property, not only would this stop mr from falling down stairs but would mean i have a garden to sit/potter in when cannot wslk far. All the best,

  • Thank you all so, so very much. I know you're all absolutely right of course, I'm just a little apprehensive I think, I'm worried I won't like the apartment, but I suppose - what's not to like? It will be warm, cosy, all newly decorated, everything my current house isn't!!

    Thanks for all your comments...I'll keep everyone up to date on how things are going.....XXX

  • You should go for it. At first you will think you did the wrong thing as that's how we humans are, we convince ourselves that we've done the wrong thing. Think how much better it will be for you and I am certain it will put your daughters mind at ease knowing that your struggle has lessened just a bit. All the very best for a sooth move , keep the kettle with you it's all that matters on the day, good luck x Loraone

  • Hi Sue! I needed to move for the same reason as you! I did this in Aug without hesitation!! I'm now on the ground floor on a lovely little estate for tenants over 50!! Great wetroom and a bit of garden at the front and back, just enough to cope with! All the other tenants are friendly and its like going back in time....when you could leave the front door open/ people will call round to see if you need anything etc....I love it here and although I knew of the area, I hadn't been here before, but I checked out where the Drs was/local shop/bus routes etc and I haven't looked back!! Think of it as a new adventure and think of all the fun you'll have choosing paint/wallpaper and where things are going to go! I wish you well in the move and remember not to overdo things!!!...much

  • Hi Sue, I think it would be absolutely the right thing to do, memories are not in bricks and mortar, they are in your heart, photos, bits and pieces that you will take with you. It is better to do it now when it is your choice rather than wait until you have no option than to move, you may not get what you want and be unhappy with what you are given. Let us know how things go, good luck. Hugs Linda x

    ps. I love your photo, I have something similar as my cover photo on my facebook page.

  • Go for it may never come again xx were in wales u from xxx

  • North Wales....not far from Chester!! With your name - cefn48 - I'm assuming you're in Wales as well? XX

  • Cardiff me was in chester few weeks ago xxx lovely place to visit xx shell x

  • My mum was from Wrexham, I spent a lot of time there as a child with family, lovely memories, I still feel as if I am going "home" if I cross the border :) , Linda x

  • Brilliant news :)

    So very chuffed for you :)

    Fluffies coming to help xxx

    xxx sian :)

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