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Heyyy, I got a first in my second year of my chemistry degree. even though I struggled with my a levels and had to do a foundation year here at uni I'm so happy now. I'm tranferring onto the intergrated masters as I seem to be doing so well :) it is such hard work especially with the fibro, I'm just proud when I get up each day. just so so happy. Hopefully I will do well next year as I'm seeing so many people and I've grown up so much with respect on how to deal with my condition, a lot of effort has gone into finding a routine to ensure I take medication etc. and next year I'm living with students rather than my boyfriend who has strange work hours being a chef so hopefully ill get a sleep routine. hope everyone is ok x x x

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  • wow well done you !!!!!!! brilliant news , :)

  • Well done to you for all your hard work, good luck to you for the future xx

  • CONGRATULATIONS! Fantastic news and i hope you continue with the success and your living arangements will prove to be all you they will be : D

    hugs poppy xxx

  • well done hun xxx

  • Well done so pleased for you xx

  • That's brilliant, I too am in my last year at uni studying sociology, hopefully getting my degree next year. I wish you all the luck in the world :o)

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