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Hi everybody,just thought I would share some shocking news with you all as it may affect some people on this site.Over the week-end I sent an email to dan Austin who is the clinical manager for professor John Davies private clinics in London and Bristol.Professor Davies helped me a few years back when fibro was bad and I decided that I would like to see him again.He also has an m.e/fm clinic on the NHS at st Guys and st Thomas's hospital.I was shocked to find out that he had suddenly passed away this month.I felt that it was something I would share with you all as he is one of the recommended doctors on this site and there are probably those of you who are either waiting to see him or he may be your consultant whether private or on the NHS.Iam truly shocked and Iam sure he will be greatly missed x

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  • I heard a rumour that this might be the case over the weekend but as there was no way of making certain it was true nothing was said... I am sure he will indeed be greatly missed

    Vg xx

  • Yes that is a shock, I saw him the year before last , he was more a private doc than nhs, but he was a good doctor defo knew what he was talking about, he told me he was only going to see new patients but if he was needed to get referred back to him, and I was thinking of doing just that, I don't think there are any fibro doctors in the Waltham Forest area, that is such a shame he will defo be missed gentle hugs ...Dee x

  • Sad news indeed!

    Moffy x

  • This is so sad he was the only dr who helped me and I was just about to contact him again as I'm having a bad time . I am devasted such a lovely man xx

  • I heard this about a week ago but found nothing when I googled it. Though for sure there would be an obituary. Anyway, I'm very saddened to hear Dr Davies has passed away. He diagnosed me and was a wonderful doctor and kind human being. Rest in peace Dr Davies, thank you for all you did for me and other fibro sufferers. Gd speed you on your way xxx

  • I am so very upset by this news, Prof.Davies helped me on NHS, such a wonderful caring passionate man who worked so hard to help us sufferers, no one else will ever replace him in the south of England. If any of you know of any doctor, consultant or prof. Who specialises in fibro etc pease let me know I would be so grateful.

    God Bless You, Thankyou R.I.P my thoughts are with his family and friends. x

  • Terribly sad rip x

  • This is awful. What a loss to the fibromyalgia world, such a knowledgable and understanding man. Rest in Peace

  • I have only just read this as my computer is still playing up, and most of the time I can`t even get into it. However, I am stunned, because it was only 2 days ago when I decided I would ask my doc to refer me to Professor Davies at Guys, as I had heard so much about him, and not being able to get much help anywhere else, decided, I would try and see him, I am just so sorry I never got to see him, I had set my heart on the fact he might be able to help me, and I send deepest sympathy to all his family and colleagues ,and of course to all of you who had the greatest pleasure in meeting him and knowing him, it must be so crushing for you all. God bless to all.

    Lyndia x

  • Very sad, he was a very compassionate man.

  • That's funny because my experience was similar to the people on here


    i.e. the people who could only afford to see him on the NHS.

  • Any one ever asked the question why is it with all the resources of the NHS that we are all supposed to be

    sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dependent on this 'lovely man'.

    In fact, as someone above pointed out given that he was

    "he was more a private doc than nhs"

    Why will

    "no one else will ever replace him in the south of England"

    Did he have some rare gift than none of the other doctors earning six figure sums can't somehow also obtain?

    Why does nobody in these forums ever ask these simple but crucially fundamental questions?

    Why does every one just accept this as something that we cant change?

    Maybe I'm missing something?

    Can any one help me out?

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