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Hi to ALL, as some of you will know my wife has been ill for many years, but now things have taken a very bad turn.

Three days ago we were told that Alison has Cancer. Worst of all is that it can't be removed, as it's attached to her Spine, and Bowels. I'm so sorry to all for bringing bad news, as i hope you understand that i will be out of touch for a while, i'll try and pop in every now and then. Thanks to you all for listening, and my prayers are with you.


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  • sorry to here you have bad news we share good news & bad on here you can be assured we are thinking of you & your wife gentle hugs to you both.xx

  • hi markdt, oh no im so sorry to hear your sad have nothing to apologise for,i can imagine you're going through hell at the mo, & i along with many others will be thinking of you & your wife. hugs to you both xxx

  • Hi markdt

    I have read your post with such pain and sorrow for both yourself and your dear wife, and I am so sorry to read that her condition has worsened in this way. I hope that she is comfortable and as pain free as she possibly can be.

    I also genuinely hope that you are coping the best that you possibly can be, and that you have some support at this time?

    Please keep us all up to date with how things are going, I want to offer you my deepest sympathies and tell you that we will all be thinking of you both.

    All my hopes and dreams for you


  • oh Mark, I'll keep you and Alison in my thoughts.

    if you need to talk, you can both pm me.

    with love,

    sandra x

  • so sorry to hear your bad news. thinking of you both.

    Hugs to both of you

    Belinda x

  • Hi Mark, so very sorry to hear of your news. You must be going through so many emotions at this time. I went through the same last year and my thoughts are with you. Very gentle ((hugs)) to you both.

    Tannels xx

  • Morning Mark OH my goodness what incredibly bad news.

    To find it is inoperable as well my heart goes out to you.

    Please send your wife our Love and compassion through the days a head.

    Mark do pop in when you find you need some one to talk to we are here

    to support you in any way we can..


    I shall say no more save for, I will think and pray for you both.

    Be strong


  • My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your wife. Do not be sorry for your post, I have found comfort here in this forum with the kind words from all of members, even when I could find none within my own family. I wish you both the best.

  • Dear Markdt,

    My heart goes out to you and your beautiful wife Alison, I will say a special pray for you both.

    We are all hear whenever you need us.

    God bless and special hugs to you both. xxxx

  • Hi so sorry and im sure we all understand but don't forget you may need someone to listen to you or do you have all the support you need right now anyways we all here but realise this is going to be a very personal time for you and good or bad she's your lifetime friend may every day be a special one for you both xx

  • I'm sorry to hear your news my thoughts are with you and your wife.

  • Hi mark gosh so so sorry for you and Alison, devastating news, sending Alison huge healing hugs my thoughts are with you both and your family, words fail me , will pray for you both and your family xxxAngelxxxxx

  • So sad,makes my symtoms seem small when u hear something like this,take care ,

  • I am sorry to hear this news and I am sure everyone will be very understanding. Do remember to look after yourself as it is so easy to forget that. I nursed my husband through a different kind of cancer in 1983 so I sort of understand a little of what you are both dealing with. So don't lose touch with your friends, even the ones who say nothing and seem to disappear. Some just don't know what to say. I often say something and its taken the wrong way, which I hope is not the case now. Take care and soft hugs.

  • So sorry to read of your sad news. Love & light to you both.xx

  • So sorry for your bad news my prays are with yous xxx

  • So sorry to hear your bad news. I will include you & Alison in my prayers. Love & gentle hugs to you both. xx

  • am very sorry 2 hear i will be thinking of u and ur wife at this time xxx

  • So sorry to hear your bad news, my thoughts our with you both at this difficult time

    All my hugs to you both x

  • Hi Mark.

    I'm so sorry to hear the bad news. My thoughts and prayers go out to you, Alison & your family. Take care.

  • Hi there , markdt, have just aught up with my post and read your sad news, I'm so Rory to hear about Alison, my thoughts and prayers are with you, thank you for eating us know, and as gins says we are all here for, do try to pop in whenever you can it may help to relieve any stress you my be feeling, take care of you both and give my best wishes to Alison, you are in my prayers and may the angels watch over you both , ....gentle hug for you both.....Dee xxx

  • Oh bless you my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family

  • Bless you both i will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers....take good care

  • I am so sorry to read your sad news. Take care. xx

  • ((((((((((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • So sorry to hear that you've been told this sad news and I hope you have family there to support you both. If you need to talk to someone, please do know Macmillan Cancer Care team are available to talk to 9am-8pm Mon-Fri

    We are all thinking of you and know we are here if you need us

    Take Care


  • I am so sorry to read your very sad news, it is good that you can share your news, good or bad. All my best wishes go with you and your wife, Susan x

  • I am so sorry to hear this. Please know that my heart and thoughts are with you both. xxx

  • My thoughts, prayers and love are with you both. So sorry to read your sad news. Xx hugs

  • My heart goes out to you both. So sorry to read this sad news, sending my love and prayers Mark xx

  • So sorry 2 hear of ur awful news my thoughts and prayers R with U both xox

  • thinking of you both take care x

  • So very sorry for your awful news. No words could express sympathy.

    Take care

    Gentle hugs and prayers

  • Hi Mark :)

    My thoughts are with you both at this difficult time and send a huge supply of supportive fluffies cuddles from me to you both.

    Always around and about if you'd like to chat please just drop me a pm :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hi Mark, I am so so sorry to hear your very sad news, you will both be in my thoughts and prayers through this very difficult time for you both. I hope you manage to have some special moments and that they will sustain you.

    You know we are all here for you as and when you need, remember you need to take care of you too, to be able to take care of your lovely Alison.

    Many prayers and <^> <^> angels <^> <^> to look after you both.

    Foggy x

  • Top be the partner of someone who is ill with the dreaded Big C, it can be a lonely place and you will need all the help and support you can get. I found it to be a lonely place when I was looking after my husband through cancer and now I am going through the same again with my daughter. Whatever help is offered to you and for your dear wife - take it because actions sometimes speak louder than words. My heart goes out to you. I will remember you both in my prayers. Best wishes from Velda.

  • I lit a candle and said a prayer for you this morning Mark. Much love to and

  • Very sad news xxx sending soft healing hugs fir you and your wife xxx

  • So sorry to hear bad news i went through a traumatic time last year my sister inlaw was diagnosed

    With two in opreble brain tumors and died with in seven weeks so my thoughts are with you and your family xxxxxxxxxxx

  • So sorry to hear your news Markdt, don't forget to take care of yourself as well as your wife, you need your strength to support her. Thinking of you both, Linda xx

  • I feel for you , at least you are part of a caring community on this website , I hope she doesn't suffer , and her care is first class .

  • My thoughts and prayers are with you both hugs sue.

  • So sorry to hear your bad news my thoughts and prayers are with you both at this time.


  • Hello Mark. So sorry you have had this news you and your wife are in my thoughts x

  • So very sorry to hear your terrible news, Mark, you and Alison are in my thoughts and prayers, Mim x

  • I want to express my sympathy to you both, and hopes that Alison will go into remission so you will have more precious time together. You are in my prayers. God bless,


  • So sorry to hear the sad news. My prayers for Alison for speedy recovery. Hope the god will help her to recover from this serious illness.

  • Huge hugs and prayers are sent to you both

  • My deep sympathy and hugs go out to both of you. I came out of hospital only three hours ago and sometimes I only realise how lucky I am to have survived cancer twice, plus a stroke last year,and to be home again after emergency admission on Wednesday when I see others in there struggling. All good wishes and thought to both of you.

  • Hi Mumcat Welcome home so pleased to hear you are back home. Rest well Thinking of you


  • I am so sorry to hear your news Mark. Please don't be sorry for bringing us this news - WE are sorry that YOU & your wife have to go through this dreadful time. You are both in my thoughts, sending you both Gentle Hugs, Julie xxxxxxxxx

  • Best wishes to you both, can't imagine how you are feeling xxx

  • Thinking of you both no words can say how you both are feeling try to stay strong and all our hearts and thoughts are with you x

  • So sorry to hear the bad news, but be assured me prayers will be with you in Church tomorrow

  • So sorry to hear the sad news mark Take care both of you x

  • So so sorry to hear about your wife. My thoughts are with you both. Xx

  • Hi Mark,

    So sorry to hear such sad news and cant even imagine how difficult it must be for you and your family. ...All that 1 can do is hope and pray 4 u and all your loved ones and wish u all the best. We are all here 4 u. Take care and look after yourself too. Warm hugs and special prayers. M x

  • Dear markdt,

    I am so sorry to hear of this terrible news. I know you will want to focus on making every moment with dear Alison count, and being the wonderful husband that you are to her, so I can only echo our other friends who say you mustn't forget to look after yourself too. We are here any time of day or night if you need us. In the meantime, my thoughts are very much with you and your family. Much love xxx

  • Dear Mark what can I say that hasn't already been said my thoughts and prayers are with you your wife and family at this sad time. Xxxx

  • All my love to you all :) xxx

  • My thoughts and prayers are with you both. x

  • I'm so sorry hugs to you both and family

  • Mark thinking of you and Alison,

    I hope you will find strength in knowing others thoughts are with you at this time.


  • Hi markdt I am so sorry to hear the bad news we on this site is thinking of you both please keep us upto date of your lovely wife's condition as we all no is a worrying time for you all. So we are all sending you the biggest hugs ever. Ros and kids xx

  • So sorry to here about your wife thinking of u bothfibro10

  • Hi sorry to hear about your wife thinking of u both fibro 10

  • Hi markdt,

    I'm new here, but please know my prayers are with your wife, you and your family.

    I'm a good listener, so please know I'm here for you. Very, very

    sorry for your wife's illness.


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