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Some Good Some Not so Good News

Hi Everyone

Just thought i would write and let you know whats been happening in my life..

I have had the council social services in and they have made many adaptions for me i have hand rails at my back door and a step to help also my bathroom i have hand rails over my bath and a shower seat and frame around my toilet the hospital sent physio to my home and they have given me a 4 wheel walker with the seat so i can get out a little more althoughi still meed to have someone with me then yesterday they put a care line in so now if and when i fall there is help for me so my carers and social workers are very happy that i now have all the help

But on a down side i have still not heard anything from my PIP claim it has been with the DWP since 13th january and i was hoping that i would of had some news by now but NO it is now 29 weeks since the day i phoned PIP for a new claim and 16 weeks since i had my ATOS assessment so hopefully i will hear something soon

Gentle Hugs

Gilly xxxx

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Hi there sounds like your totally supported in your needs and I should hope this will help you xxx

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that is so good you have had the equipment you need installed.

It took 6 months for the powers that be to sort out my DLA which makes me feel they are not hurrying to sort out the PIP claims. I hope you hear really soon.




Hi gillyb59

I hope that you are as well as you can be? That's good news about your adaptions, I bet its making life easier for you? I will send you good positive vibes regarding your PIP, and please let us know what happens.

Take care

Ken x


I think that when either DLA or PIP is awarded there should be set timelines and if these are breached then any back pay should include interest. The government put this things in place for commercial customers and you can claim interest when you issue a county court claim for a debt to be repaid, so why is the government excluded. I also believe compensation should be awarded when a case is won at Tribunal stage. This is not about the money, it is about making them more accountable and responsible for the additional stresses they are unnecessarily imposing on already disadvantaged people.

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Hi glad to hear you have had the adaptions you need from Social Services, I had some last year they were really very helpful.. I hope Jilly you hear about your PIP soon. Hugs Mistyang x


Hi gilly it sounds like you have everything covered its all a great help. I had some adaptations put in last year and they've been very useful.

I am sure that you will hear something soon and have my digits crossed for you

Sending extra strength healing fluffies infused with positive vibes

:) xxxsianxxx :)


OMG I'm slow lately. Good to read your good news albeit 4 days late. Shame you suffer from bureaucracy it's no comfort that you're not alone there. Hope it's not too late to send some vibes. It's great that some things are helping ease your life. :) :) gentle hugs


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