HI some of you may know i have been fighting since 2010 for extra care..i recieved a phone call this morning telling me hat the decission makers have lookeded again at my claim and have overturned their decission!!! i am to be awarded HRM AND HRC!!!..its a good job i was lying down at the time!! so all my information i had sweated blood over was right the first time!! AFTER THREE TIMES!...My Benefit Claim helped me [Edited by Admin to remove commercial link]...liam carter is the person i had my case with...all the worry was taken off my shoulders,they do everything..from the moment you ring up..i am so glad i found i urge everyone..DONT GIVE UP!!..i just wish now i had used his help from day 1...i will keep using this site every day as i have had a lot of support..and i want to be there for other people xxxxxxx PHEW IS ALL I CAN SAY XX

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  • Well done.what is HRC & HRC? THAT'S fantastic news xx

  • Think it's high rate care and high rate mobility. Well done Pondminstrel. Lovely 2 hear good news even if its somebody else's, it still puts smile on my face so thank u 4 putting smile on my face 2day. Don't often have anything 2 feel cheerful bout xx

  • hi i put HRC and HRM hunny,mobility and care xxx

  • Glad you have good news, Pondy!

    Moffy x

  • Great news, well done it is so good to hear something positive along the lines of benefit claims. I was wondering what does Liam Carter actually do, I have seen bits that have be wrote about him but I am still not sure what he can or actually does?


  • hi tusk...he actually takes over your claim...i had been struggling and dwp turned down my appeal three times,so i was going to go to tribunal...i came across his website,i filled the online details,next morning liam rang...i explained what had happened..he started 21 years ago through his ex partner needing help..he was very knowlegable about fibro etc,so he said he would send me some forms to fill out that allowed him to work on my behalf,and to send the HM COURT AND TRIBUNAL form to him and that i didnt have to worry about anything anymore,,and he was going to represent me at the tribunal,thats happens for everyone who he all this has taken place in the last three days!!..they do charge,its 30% i thought it a lot,and liam said it comes out of any backpay..and said ..say you got £600 backpay he would want £160..and that was a one off only payment..and my son said well at the moment mum thats 30% of nothing! liam said i would NOT lose anything as if at the tribunal he thought it was going in their favour he would halt proccedings and start again ie,filling in another claim with him doing you can imagine the weight that was lifted of my shoulders..PLUS he said after he recieves the "bundle" of everything from the DWP he would go through them all,then ring me and say one of three things.1..i dont stand a cat in hells chance....2.worth procceding..3 win win win really, tusk i would have been silly not to have him...then today he rang as he had been on the phone to DWP,telling them he was now representing me,and requesting all my information sent in by me and their responces to be sent to him... and then after a while was told that the deccision makers had overtuned their deccision and i was to be awarded HRC and HRM!! all the information i had sent in were all enough for me to win!! so why oh why does the DWP keep refusing people! as i know for sure i am not special or in anyway different to all the other poor people struggling to get help....sorry its a long reply but i am so happy and i want to spread LIAM CARTERS good name ...the DWP told him that a letter would be sent out today or tomorrow to comfirm this...STRANGE! on friday the 7th june at 4.30 i rang DWP and up to that point my claim was still going to tribunal! so miraculously two days later [as they dont work weekends],,it has been seen again and a deccision had been made!!! mmm...something tells me if LIAM CARTER hadnt rung .....???? hope you tusky ask for his help if you need it xxxxx

  • Hi Pondminstrel,

    I didn't have a Liam Carter, I had a DAVE lol. He did what yours did for me and he was absolutely brilliant and I won my tribunal. It was amazing. I'm sooooo happy for you Pondminstrel, it really is so good to hear someone else has had good news. Congratulations and well done to Liam for helping you also. So happy for you :) xxxx

  • hi,im sooo relieved i cant begin to explain!..iv spent all day thinking ..have i drempt this? much so that i began to believe i had!!..till my children told me to stop! i hope that other people will read this and use them ..i for one will do nothing now without consulting liam..or dave lol..i think that if they took nearly all of the back payments its worth spread the word and lets hope more of us fight back!!..its because we get tired and disheartened we give up...exactly what the DWP so glad you got help as well ..i dont drink but i will drink a toast to liam! xxx

  • Hi thanks so much for your email, Liam sounds just like the person you need with all this complicated stuff and the DWP and Atos, I am hoping I would not need his help but won't hold my breath!! I will await their reply and if need be I will contact him and probably you too if you do not mind to see what I have to do. Many thanks and once again congratulations.


  • hi tusk,of course i dont mind you asking me anything,it wouldnt do any harm to give liam a ring and explain everything to him,he chattedn to me for an hour and a half before i said i would like him to help me,so as i said before we really have nothing to lose by having him,as he only wants payment if he wins for you ...look online for them or Message for me for details [Edited by Admin to remove commercial link]...theres a free phone number,or a email reply section just fill it out,[this is what i did and he rang the next day!] and have a chat,if you ring its an answer phone ,dont be put off leave a message with your phone number and he will get back to you,he told me it can sometimes be in the evening as they are busy...i dont know how far you have got with your claim or what it exactly for but he will pondy xxxxxx

  • Hi Many thanks. I sent my form in just over 4 wks ago so I am waiting for them to ask me to go for an assessment or kindly just put me in the support group (highly unlikely I know) I am waiting every day for the post but do not know how long they will take to reply. I sent them as much evidence as I could but I know from others that it doesn't always make much difference what you send. I have had a heart attack, have heart disease, angina, bowel problems, depression, FM,glaucoma, and awaiting another bowel operation amongst a few other things but doubt that will not stop them saying I am fit to work. I was retired on the grounds of ill health from my job and sent in the report done by a highly qualified physician and told them that unless they can find someone more qualified than him to say I am fit for work then they would be contradicitng a highly qualified Dr who specialises in employment health. His report stated that it was highly unlikely that I would be fit for any work before the age of 65. Like I said though i won't hold my breath.


  • hi,please please just ring liam and have a talk!! he will at least put your mind at rest,please just do it hunny ,,let me know xxx

  • Please can you tell me how i can get hold of this guy because i just hit brick walls with my claim and i need help. thanks diane xx

  • hi of course i will if you message me as i have to comply with this sites rules,as soon as you do i give you allthe information you need xx

  • Hi Pondminstrel.

    Congratulations, I am so glad things have gone well. As you know I also decided to us Liam and just from his responses have found him professional and this has filled me with confidence. Your news is brilliant!!

  • hi,i know! i dont think it would have been overturned if it wasnt for liam! i mean last friday the decission was still two working days later and liam rang wed morn to dwp and suprise suprise all is sorted! i got letter from dwp and that was a relief as i truley thought i had drempt it! they are backdating it from december,i could even contest this as it was long before that date ,but to be truthfull im not going to bother im just glad its over...please keep me informed pet as im delighted you have got liam on your side,one things for sure he will fight for you and be honest as well,so please rest easy and let him take the worry pet..if i can be any help at all please just ask xxxxx

  • Hi there...sorry to be ignorant, I'm new to this site...who is Liam, is he a self employed benefits adviser ? Does he or did he work for dwp and how do you pay for his services ?

    It's probably been discussed before on here, but as I say, I'm new to this site...I have an assessment in November and I'm really worried....thank you

  • hi hes an independant benifits adviser..i cant give you the link as its against this sites rules,he charges a no win no fee its 30% which but he takes over and removes all worries,and if it goes to tribunal he goes and represents you

  • Great news pondminstrel!

  • What a relief for you I am so pleased it takes a load off your mind and stress which is no good for us Fibro people. I am new to the site as well and like Bearess am awaiting a reply as to whether I have to go to appeal. They notified me that they the DWP were going to look at my claim again to be placed in the support group and not the work related as they have done now.How do we find this wonderful man my husband has done mine but if we needed someone it would be worth knowing how to contact is there a way to disclose this without stating on site.

    Gentle Hugs


  • im waiting for a reply but iv just spoted the top of the page where it says questions,ask a question etc there is a message one i think if i message you in that using your user name you should get it i will do it now and tell me if you get it please x

  • i will ask admin how i go about this,i have been told its advertising so cant put it on,leave it with me and i find out how i can help,i have asked if i can put my email on but they advises not..give me an hour or so xxxx

  • If you want to send a personal message click on the person that you want to send the message to avatar that will take you to their profile under their picture/ avatar there is a send message button click on that and message away :)

    Hope that helps

    VG x

  • ok i will try...what the duce is avitar? x

  • Your little picture you use I am a fish you are the shadow in green ... If you click on merlin a macs shadow with red surround that will take you to her profile

    VG x

  • lol.thanks its me age ducky!! xx

  • He gets 30% of what exactly? A one off fee or forever?

  • hi,its a one off fee,he takes it from any backpay we i think its fantastic..iv sweated blood and tears that has cost me my health,so for him to eleviate ALL stress and take over is worth 20 times that

  • well done pondinstrel! I'm so pleased for you. :D

    I got mine back by using the free benefits & work guides from admin -

    it's such a relief.

    sandra :)

  • hi well im past working age so those forms were not sutable for me,isnt it a wonderfull feeling!!! yipeee!! lol xx

  • I emailed Liam on Tuesday and received a phone call from him yesterday,,today I got an envelope from him with a summary of all we had spoken about and his contact details.Once I have recieved paperwork from the courts Liam will represent me.After a year of battling on my own and getting as far as first tier tribunal.I haven't the energy to fight any more so thank you,thank you,thank you pondminstrel

  • ahh hunni ,im so glad you decided to go ahead...isnt he nice?..and isnt a great feeling of relief? will be as right as ninepence now..are you on work related benifit?..i have found that most people on here seem to be,please please keep me posted,did i suggest liam to you?iv been flooded with people asking me about him xxx

  • Yes,I read what you had posted and thought "I need him!" I had originally planned to use a solicitor in town but it isn't very accessible for mobility scooters so I was wondering how it was going to work out.This is a brilliant solution! Liam rang me back the very next day and put my mind at ease straight away! I get the ESA that you don't get so many freebies with (eg free school meals) cant remember which one,and I'm in the support group.

  • hi i am overjoyed that at least three people are getting help from this wonderfull man!...if anyone wants the link and any help or information please message me as i cant put the link on here but admin said i can message it...i just wish i had found him three years ago!! xxxx

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