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Hi all,

Saw a physiotherapist last week two were there in fact, felt a bit of a fool standing there whilst they discussed my legs lol. Anyway results from X-ray osteoarthritis in right knee, which give way, the other knee they think I've either got a chipped tendon or a cyst behind the knee, it clicks loudly when walking and ha been very painful and swollen. I've exercises to do for two weeks and then go back.

The thing that annoyed me is because I have fibro it's automatically assumed the pain is fibro or its feels worse because of it. I wish I had said something to them both, the thing is I can tell the difference between fibro pain and bone pain. I do get really fed up with being told it's all down to your fibro. Dr changed my pain tablets to co-dydramol they play havock with my bowels, has anyone else had this.

Best wishes Sarnie

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Hi Sarni ,

It does seem to happen quite a lot. Once is Diagnosed it is just so easy to dump everything at its door. I have both osteo arthritis and sporiatic arthritis plus other things the first is always put to the back (no pun in tended) but overlooked it is.

t we think

Now we need to keep our notes so we can push what we think after all it is our bodies !


So true, I'm making notes for the next time I see the physio.


Yes I can commiserate I had the same sort of conversation with the physio I saw a few months back as soon as I mentioned about the muscle pain etc he seemed to go into overdrive saying it made the case so much more complex as it is so difficult to tell what pain is caused by the osteo in my hips and what is caused by other things and even though he was really nice I could not seem to get across that I could easily differentiate between the two sorts of pain.

What you describe in your right knee is exactly what my friend has been going through. She had been fobbed off for about 18 months until she told her doctor she could stand the pain no longer. From the Xrays it supposedly showed mild arthritisso they were quite dismissive again but she was in extreme pain and pushed the issue so after physio not working she pushed again so they did the op where they put the camera in your knee (sorry can't remember name) and she has had two quite large bits of bone out that must have been floating around and catching when she moved. When they operated they found she in fact had severe arthritis at the side of her knee which had not shown up in the Xrays so now they are prepared to do a knee replacement if this smaller op doesn't t work whereas before they wouldn't even discuss it. I am so glad that she was the pushy type as otherwise she would still be at stage one.

Yes unfortunately codydramol and the like can cause terrible constipation the docs often give you something like Movicol to help with this.

I do hope that they can do something for you to relieve the pain.x


Very interesting information thank you. Sarnie


Hi lefraorcahrd

I do empathise with you, I have had several things put down to Fibro until test results come back! I sincerely hope that everything goes well for you.

All my hopes and dreams for you



Thank you


Hi, hope this helps,but I have found that most products containing codine do block everything up. I have also noticed that a lot of people with Fibro a


Sorry Fibro Fog kicked in , pressed wrong button. So as I was saying, a lot of people I have meet including 2 members of my own family also suffer with IBS. I do not know if this may be connected as I never had IBS before my Fibro or the meds. I do find plain chocolate and bananas can help as well as lots of dark green just cooked veg.It might not sound great but when your taking 32+ tablets a day I was prepared to try anything. Good Luck

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Hi Penny96, lefraorchard, and all, I just typed a long post, then pressed cancel instead of post! Stupid me! Just wanted to say how I read up on symptoms of fibro when I was diagnosed, and it said IBS was one, but when I was being examined by works occ health, he noted it as a separate condition! So who knows eh?! I find chocolate helps - it's not an excuse for eating it, honest! As well as eating fresh fruit and veg, keep hydrated, that seems to umm, ease it out, if you know what I mean....! I once drank almost a litre of orange juice one day to try and umm, soften things up.... My Mum used to drink a mug of boiled water every time she had a drink to help clear her system. Hope this helps, good luck and gentle hugs, Julie xxx

(Now to make extra sure I preess Submit reply this time!)


Thank you xxx


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