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Chest and upper back pain

Hi all, had a very stressful few weeks selling and buying a house, it was the worst time of all as nothing went right. Anyway we move into our new home soon.

I am suffering such a lot of pain everywhere, but the worst is in my chest and upper back, I was so worried yesterday as I felt like I was having a heart attack, any little bit of stress or activity starts it off. I read somewhere that tonic water helps with pain, so had some last night I think it may of helped, has anyone else suffered this type of pain, its like knife and burning really bad?

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Firstly you need to go see your doctor as it's never a good thing to be lax when it comes to pain in the chest, it's probably down to stress and anxiety but do go and get it checked xxx


Hi ,

As above I would make an appointment with the Doctor to discuss your symptoms.

I would like to mention that I have had chest pain, heavy feeling,breathing goes shallow and my personal diagnosis was Costochronditis.

However, because of the other potential possibilities, any chest pain should never be ignored and you should seek medical attention.

Best Wishes



i had a pulmorey embolism 3 years ago and nearly died. .i have been left with pain now and again in the middle of my chest... i once told a hospital doctor ( as i went in thinking i had a embolism again) and she told me that because there is muscles around the chest with fibro we would get pain there.. but i do know how u feel.... even last week for 2 days i had a deep pain there right in the middle.. and kept thinking.. should i get this checked or wait.. my husband was annoyed i didnt go and get it checked,,, but now i feel ok.. so maybe get it checked but it might just be the fibro xx good luck x


Thanks for all your support, it has eased off for the moment still feel the pain front and back but not so severe.

thanks xx


I went to see my GP following a bit of a frightening pain in my chest and upper back. I was given a good MOT but it appears it is to do with my fibro. I often get pain in my ribs, which I believe to be costochondritis, especially in the space between my boobs, but I have been reassured that my heart is fine!! XX


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