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I have Fibro, osteoarthritis in many joints, bursitis, early stage copd and have now been diagnosed with cataracts. I have my pre op assessment for this next week. I visited a gp several weeks ago as my right knee was giving m,e so much pain and kept giving way he to me to try some cream and come back if no improvement. I went back a couple of weeks and saw another GP who i dont particulary like \9i have to write things down so i dont forget) i said just a min i have written down what i want to talk to you about and she looked very impatient. i told he there was no improvement in my knee so she said "I dont need to examine it as the previous doctor did will send you for an x ray" went there then 7 days later phoned surgery and receptionist said it came back normal. i then made another appointment to see her again which is tomorrow but my knee is still very painfull - pain is worse when i am going upstairs but it does not go away. What can i ask her to do now as obviously there is something wrong even if the x ray came back normal. ANY IDEAS PLEASE

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  • Hello there Bbstport, sorry to hear about all this. It can be very frustrating trying to get a diagnosis.

    I personally would pop along to see your GP and ask for a referral to a Rheumatologist or Physiotherapist who hopefully would examine you, run the necessary tests and I hope would be able to help you further.

    I hope this proves helpful to you, please let us know how you get on, we are always here for you.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • thanks for that libs i have an appointment for tomorrow at 8.40am !!!!!

  • Good luck

    Karen xxxx

  • Wishing you all the very best, please let us know how you get on. Take care. xxxx

  • What Libs said! :)

    A rheumy can check for inflammatory issues (that may not show up in x-rays or blood tests in the early stages) and a physio can check for things like hypermobility and myofascial pain.

    This blog might help if you go to physiotherapy:


  • Hi there all I can say is your knee sounds exactly like my knee, giving way suddenly I don't do stairs at all unless I am in a building that has no lifts as walking upstairs is so painful, and walking down i come down like a toddler hanging onto rails and bad knee first then good knee onto the same step....moved to a bungalow because of my knee... And my rheumy diagnosed ......osteo arthritis

    As Libby says can you ask for a referral

    Hugs VG x

  • i thought it may be that as i have osteoarthritis in my spine, neck shoulders already diagnosed but my knee showed normal on the x ray. i have an extra rail on my stairs but hate going up and down them as it hurts so much

    Belinda xxx

  • also have it diagnosed in both my hands

  • Hi there

    If nothing has shown up on the X-ray then I am surprised she hasn't referred you for some physiotherapy. Often strengthening the muscles at round the knee joint can help. Maybe ask her next time. It doesn't help when some doctors are so unhelpful does it? I. Thought it was a caring profession

    Good luck and keep us updated.

    Hugs Karen xx

  • i spoke to my physio about 3 weeks ago and i have some exercises but that does not seem to be improving the problem.


  • In your position I would definitly be asking for a referal to a hospital. I'm not sure about rheumatology for your complaint it sounds very much like the problems I have had with my knees and I was seen and operated on by an Orthopeodic consultant. Just because you have had one clear x-ray does not mean there is nothing wrong, obviously if your having pain there IS something wrong. Do you mind me asking if you are overweight? I have found my GP's to be very dismissive and reluctant to refer me to the hospital these days and I am sure that is due to them thinking my weight is the cause of EVERY medical problem I have :-(

    My knee problems were due to oesteoarthritis, but the locking and pain was due to the cartiledge getting trapped in the joint. I hope you can get some answers tomorow good luck xxxxx

  • hi kasha, i am not overweight i am 9 stone. i have been thinking further and in august last year i was advised by orthotics that my right leg was longer than my left leg and the pains are in my right knee dont know if this has anything to do with it


    belinda xx

  • If you don't manage to get a referral for Physio or to a Rheumatologist, I would seriously think about seeing another GP for a second opinion. You are entitled to this. You clearly aren't getting the level of help and support that you need.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • When you ask for a second opinion, do you have to see a doctor at the same surgery, or can you go to any surgery? I don't feel as if ive been taken seriously by my surgery but am worried about being struck off if I make a fuss.

    I have a course coming up at a pain clinic soon, do you think I would be better off talking to them, as I would like an ot assessment, and I have been diagnosed with fibro, depression and copd, but feel I should be diagnosed with chronic fatigue whatever its called and artheritus.. all x rays have been normal , but im in constant pain and can hardly walk. I desperately need a mobility scooter but ive got no hope of getting one as I cant afford one.

    my partner works part time on weekends because he looks after me and 2 children during the week. im lucky that my girls go to their mums on a weekend and my daughter pops in several times a day when my partner works.

    I do get esa and am appealing dla decision from dec 2011. have recently applied for dla again but am expecting a refusal again as my gp has not been at all helpful.

    sorry to go on and on but I find writing on this site to be quite therapeutic, as I feel at least some people are listening to me and understand exactly how I feel.

    kind regards to all...xx nannyjenno

  • thanks Libs will let you all know how i get on when i have been to the doctors in the morning

    xx Belinda

  • Hi Belinda, its terrible when u cant get answer as 2 why ur knees giving u so much pain and ur doctor doesn't seem to b very helpful. I would do as others have said and ask bout getting a referal 4 physio and c if that helps any. I have just recently started suffering with knee pain myself (in last 2/3 wks). My worst pain is usually my hips and shoulders but my knees r going mad with pain now. I haven't been to c my doctor bout it yet as I have referral 2 pain clinic on 22nd Feb so just going 2 try hold out till then if I can.

    I also was diagnosed with cataracts just over 2 yrs ago. I had been at optician in May/June and my eye sight was perfect but by Sept my vision had deteriorated badly. I went back 2 optician and he was shocked 2 discover I had cataracts in both eyes (I was only 43 at time) and left 1 was growing rapidly. He said cataracts usually develop over 4/5 yrs but mine had developed in matter of mths. He said he had never seen a cataract develop that quickly in all his yrs as optician. I had op 2 yrs ago coming in April and now feel my right eye might need done soon as I can see it starting 2 deteriorate badly 2. Hope all goes well with doctor 2moro and for ur pre op assessment next wk xx

  • i have to have them both done however the problem i have is i am my dads carer who lives about 6 miles away and read in the info then phoned eye department i will not be able to drive till the follow up and the consultant says it is safe to drive. i need to find a way of sorting dad - he is 86 in june, I take him for his pension and shopping etc and visit him every day. I do his washing and get him chips and peas from the chippy for his lunch i sware he would live on chips but he does then have something different at tea time. i will just have to find a way of doing it for him x

  • I have had hypermobility for ever and myofascial pain for at least 7 years. 4 years ago, I was also diagnosed with one leg over an inch shorter than the other. I was referred to orthotics, who tried insteps and modified shoes to rectify it.

    Biggest mistake of my life as I believe thatit was the start of what led to my diagnosis of fibro. I was in my mid 30s and too old I believe for this type of intervention. My whole body went into crisis and I was told by health professionals to stick with it. I did for 18 months andno help whatsoever. I had to wean myself off it. My hips have gone, can't walk far, ankle gives way and I do have issues now with my knees.

    If orthotics are going to suggest similar, please seek advice from other professionals, such as physios as to whether they think it would help you.

    I also get my main pain area on my right side, which is my longer leg and as described to me as such is the dominant side taking a lot more of the strain, especially when standing, which even as a child I couldn't stand still for long. I also realised that I always stood with my right leg slightly forward from my left to balance my hips out.

    I hope you get your knee sorted soon.

  • i have been to the orthotics and have had insoles made i am not sure if they really help but will stick with them for a while it is just so annoying that the pain is there and that when i go upstairs i sometimes want to cry with the pain when climbing the stairs. see how i get on with GP today and will let you all know.

    thanks for all your posts

    Belinda xx

  • sorry your reply is confusing me ?

  • Thank you all for your replies . i went to GP this morning and she said although x ray shows normal it could still be osteoarthritis in my knee at early stage. she has given me a copy of the result from x ray and she told me to take it up with my physio who I see next Friday and see what he can suggest and keep her updated.

    Thanks again

    Belinda x

  • See the blog I linked to above on physio. One thing the physio could do is assess you for hypermobility.

    As you have arthritis, your history will be as important as your physical exam. Hypermobility Syndrome can be diagnosed if you have ever in your life fulfilled the criteria. It is normal to stiffen up as we age, especially if you have arthritis, but if you are hypermobile, the underlying collagen weakness will still be there.

    See the link below for more info:

  • Glad 2 hear u seem bit happier after seeing doctor. I really dont know how ul b able 2 continue 2 b a carer 4 ur dad for at least 6 wks after ur cataract op. U wont b able 2 drive 4 up to 6 wks and then u need 2 c ur own optician as u will have 2 wear glasses 4 the rest of ur life. Maybe u can get another family member r good friend 2 help out with ur dad while ur recovering from ur op. Good luck with it all x

  • thanks nana i already wear glasses and have done for many years. i do have a brother who visits dad after work but that can be any time from 6 till 9.30. i am going to try to use the bus however i am on a stick / sticks already as i cannot walk far i am in comstant pain no matter how far i try to walk worst scenario i would ask my occupational therapist to arrange a walker for me as this may help - i really dont want to have to do that as i a am only 54. one of my friendds dont drive and the others work full time. as many people i seem to have lost quite a few of my friends since the fibro and arthritis kicked n or maybe they were not friends at all. i will try my damdest to get to dads as he is alone and he will be 86 in june. One of his neighbours is very good swo i will also ask him to pop in on dad. hope you have a nice day.

    Belinda xx

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