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knee pain

I know that knees are a point of pain for fibro sufferers but how do you know if it's something else? In 11 years I've never had much pain in my knees but for the past two years it has been unbelievable.Both knees give way everyday and grind a lot. I had an x ray which showed nothing, and am going back to my GP on Monday as it is becoming dangerous. Has anyone else had this kind of problem, is it just another fibro symptom? Many thanks x

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hi..well xrays will only show bone so perhaps you need a scan or mri to see if the connective tissue is damaged,etc ask doctor on Monday...keep us posted x


I have this problem mainly in my right knee as have a tear in that one. Have had it operates on a few timea but just tears again. Im also goin back monday. Do you use a stick? I find it helps when knee gives way


Tendons surrounding the knee can be very difficult to treat, I remember a consultant orthopod saying a break is much easier to treat than tendon problems. Like pondminstrel says perhaps an MRI would help show up what is really happening.

I wish you luck in getting to the bottom of this debilitating pain.

Foggy x


hi :)

Foggy is very correct about the tendons around the knee, I have hypermobility syndrome which means I have a collagen disorder and my knees can slide in and out of socket sometimes just by a simple movement and not just my knees, fingers, shoulders, lower back and hips too :o

However, muscle degradation around the knee tendons means there is very little support for the bones etc too, wear and tear from injuries etc for instance I was heavily into sports especially athletics back in the day before these physio designed trainers came on the market (NO! I'm not ancient, but in the 1980's when the likes of steve cram were youngsters/juniors), when trainers didn't have shock absorbers in them so my body from the hips down-over took a pounding from all the road running that I did HuH! think you're keeping fit :o

Also back then they did not know what effects of such sports etc had on people with HMS when they'd get older. Nowadays families are advised to be careful and monitor their children so as they don't spend a lifetime overdoing it without knowing it :o if that makes sense :o

X-rays don't show tendons or muscle damage so it sounds like you require further scans such as an MRI as suggested by Pondminstrel, however, these also are known not to show anything too, well from MY personal experience anyway of over a decade of being passed through every orthapeadic sector in my local hospital in Carlisle and then in Sunderland to boot! after suffering years of dislocating knees to be told 20 yrs later by the rheumy its because I'm double-jointed and tendons have become overstretched and the collagen doesn't work properly so it stays that way.......... in a nutshell that's my story!!

I don't know what's causing your knees to dislocate themselves but I have an abundance of empathy for you as I live every day in fear of dislocation as having fibro makes it 10 X worse on the pain scale as you know! :(

I and the others are always kicking about somewhere if you'd like to chat or ask any more Q's and my inbox is always open :)

Take care and watch how you move hunny, if you can bear the fabric and the pressure against the skin try to wear support bandages, but not for sitting or laying down for hours or you put yourself at risk of thrombosis......don't want that :o (me shaking Head) LOL

xxxzebxxx have some soft fluffy cuddle cushions to support and soothe xxx


Brilliant answer from Zeb Thankzs Zeb I am sure one or two of us will take great interest in it. Are you really that old ! I thought you were only 40 hehehehe


not quite my friend, not quite!! :p

I joined the local athletics club at 6 one year earlier than I should have because I kept sneaking into the car to go to training sessions :o

Me do that? Yep I did :D


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