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Relaxation and breathing exercises: an aid to ease anxiety

Hi everyone I have noticed that of late there are a number of us experiencing periods of depression/anxiety and stress so decided I would post some info regarding breathing exercises.

I have taken the information from my pain management course worksheet and not just pieced it together off experience. :D

Hope you find it useful and of course!..................

................the post wouldn't be mine if it didn't include soothing fluffies xxxzebxxx


1) Sit comfortably with uncrossed legs and hands flat on your stomach. Relax your shoulders and imagine that your lungs are divided into three parts.

2) Breathe in gently.

3) Visualise the lower part of your lungs filling with air as your stomach rises.

4) Then... Imagine the middle part of your lungs filling with air.

5) Imagine that the upper part of your lungs are filling up with air and your lungs becoming completely full.

6) Hold your breath for 2 seconds then breath out slowly and relax

7) Breathe gently in then out without holding your breath and feel your stomach rising and falling under your hands.

8) Continue for a few minutes until you feel calm and relaxed, two or three times is usually enough or you may begin to feel light headed! ( If at any point you feel light headed then stop the exercises).

Well there you go peeps I hope it is useful :) xxxzebxxx

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Hi again zeb,I also sometimes practise this (when I remember too),it really does help for relaxation/anxiety/stress/pain.And of course the soothing fluffies are of immense help :D


Hi Haribo it is a useful technique glad you use it too and that the fluffies help, they help me too :D



Hi zeb, how many times have I read this sheet, tried to follow and then ended up dizzy . Concentrating on breathing and doing it seems too much for a Foggy brain like me :-(

Wish I could achieve it.

Foggy x


yeah! I know it took me ages to master it :o

I wouldn't worry too much at this stage just have a practise every now and again when you find time,

the more you try the easier it becomes. I suppose you may benefit from the recorded version, I shall have a scat and see if I can find one. If successful I'll send you the link.

;) :D ;)



In fact I couldn't do it for laughing :D


I nearly added that when I first wrote my reply and then thought I would sound even more mad than usual.....if that's possible ;-) ;-)


Hiya Zeb an co.....hope that you are all breathing well!!! It does get hard if you are not in a home environment that you can relax in, he he, well for me anyway! Yes all is the best way to regulate your breathing, it all helps, especially yoga and pilates. All the best everyone. :-)))) xx


I often do those breathing exercises, was tight to do them whn younger because of th asthma, and was reminded of them again a couple of years ago, as apparently as you get older you tend not to breath deep enough, so when I feel anxious and my tummy starts doing flip overs I do the deep breathing and I most definitely helps,.. Gentler hug to all ...Dee x


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