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RELAXATION TIME.............

................. Where will this path take you to?

 RELAXATION TIME.............
................. Where will this path take you to?


I love this photo of a sunrise, the sky is so beautiful with the colours being so rich against the silhouette of the clouds so high in the sky.

I like to sit and stretch my imagination and wonder where the path leads to as it disappears off to no-where, where does it go? I can imagine following the path and soaking up the morning aromas of the countryside..................... all fresh and crisp as nature intends it.

The views as I walk along the path are so breathtakingly clear and so peaceful without the noise of the early morning hustle and bustle of the city. There isn't another soul in sight. :)

Can you see that tree? That's a rest break for me :)

I shall sit under the tree and watch the sun rise high into the sky.

I get comfortable and begin to breathe long and deep, soaking in the sights, sound and smells that are all around me and imagine that they are enveloping me like a soft fluffie blanket. It starts at my feet making them feel soft and comforted and slowly works its way to the knees where it wraps the knees for comfort and support warming at the same time.

It plaits itself around my pelvis, back and hips giving me support as I sit and watch the sunrise and continues to work upwards and outwards wrapping itself around my shoulders and arms continuing to support, comfort and warm the muscles until I feel completely relaxed.

I breathe long and deep once more and repeat twice :)

Now I am ready to face where the path takes me..............

...................... hmnnnnnnnnnn :) That walking and fresh air has made me hungry so somewhere nice for breakfast in the lovely little village that I can imagine to be just over the hill................... and 'not too' far away!! ;)

Question is, are you joining me for breakfast? or does the path take you somewhere else, where does it take you?

Well I am hungry now :D Boinging off in the hunt for food :D

:) xxxsianxxx :) Please note that I am not a health professional and my advice should never be taken over that of your GP but I do hope this guided imagery helps you in the hunt for relaxation :)

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Sorry Sian the impression I got was a path to a blazing inferno. Turn and run the other way. :( Now breakfast. THATS a good idea. Think I`ll go woofing off in search of food :P

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Hi Sue I am sorry that it didn't work for you this time

I wondered about the heat of the colour with it being so vibrant I just told myself it was far far away and it was just a colour giving out enough warmth. It's virtual you can imagine it to be whatever you'd like it to be............. it could be a giant orange being squeezed for breakfast :)


Sorry But it`s just too close to looking like the steel rolling mills that we regulaly passed on the bus to Dudley when we were kids. :(


Sorry zeb, i too feel the colours remind me of a raging inferno! Had breakfast, now im going back bed


Sorry {{{Julie}}} fluffie cuddles, it wasn't meant to make you feel worse I apologise hunny :)

I made a suggestion in my above reply to sue about changing what you see, it's a virtual exercise so the sky could be anything you'd like to imagine it to be even just less intense :) It does take practice so please don't give up. :) xxxsianxxx :)


A lovely piece of writing.

It leads me to the edge of an enscarpment over looking a city below. There is a lone chair under a tree where a man sits playing a violin.

Collar the comfy chairs. I will be there shortly unless I am barred for inappropriate attire.


Hi Sian

What an amazing picture and your relaxation of walking through toward the sun is amazing too. I love it although it is very scorching I should wander through towards the tree and join you and Badger to pass the time of day.

Keep well my friend



Hi zeb73

I sincerely hope that you are feeling as well as you can be today? I really love this picture. It reminds of something but I can't put my finger on it? I think it is that artist (dutch 1700's, can't spell his name?).

Thank you so much for sharing this with us all.

Take care my friend

Ken x


I have been trying to find a painting that it makes me think of, though I doubt it`s the same one. The one I was looking for was of a town in the black country during the industrial revolution. The same time that someone described the BC as bringing to mind Dante`s inferno. sue


Ooh! Dante's Inferno .... As I find myself in the middle of the journey of my life, I find the straight road is lost .... Yes, I can see where you are coming from.

Take care

Ken x


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