Breathing difficulites due to chemical fire just what I need on top of fibro!

Just under a week ago, a warehouse not far from my home caught fire in the early hours of the morning. I was watching a film at the time when I suddenly heard a loud bang, followed by a another series of loud bangs. It sounded like the 4th July! My OH came downstairs and said it sounded like an explosion in a fireworks factory. I briefly contemplated going to investigate but I heard sirens so left it in the hands of the blues and twos. When I looked out of the window there was a huge plume of black smoke coming from behind the prison. I saw on FB the next day that it was a recycling plant that had caught fire. 2 days later I went back to work and felt really lethargic all day and couldn't concentrate. I almost drove through a red light (mentioned in earlier post). As the week went on, I began to have problems with my breathing. I feel like I have been sitting next to an ashtray. My lungs feel like they are not getting enough air and slightly scorched as though I have been smoking 40 a day but I don't smoke. I went up to the farm yesterday and was out of breath very quickly. In fact the farmer's wife came to look for me in the tack room cos she thought I had collapsed. She said I looked gray. As i was there for a couple of hours, watching the lambs and feeding Jerry I started to feel a little better but on my return home, my chest felt cloggy again and I have had a racking cough. I have a doctor's appointment on Wednesday and am a little worried that my lungs have been damaged by the smoke/chemicals. This is more noticable after leaving the area then returning. The said they chemicals weren't toxic but the fish in the river behind the plant have died and lots of residents are experiencing similar symptoms. It's very worrying

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  • Hi stormwytch

    That sounds really awful. I think I would have gone to A&E if I was having such problems with breathing, as you cannot be too careful with this sort of thing. I genuinely hope that you both feel better soon.

    Take care

    Ken x

  • It sounds as though you live in Leeds , there was a big chemical fire in Armley , they warned us to keep our windows and doors closed , I live in Woodhouse , and wasn't taking any chances , like you say we have enough problems .

  • Hi jeff, we did keep the door and windows closed but the fire was about a 1/4 mile away from here if not closer - about a block away, I can still smell burning outside. We cannot sleep with the window permanently closed as it gets too warm and I cannot breath then either. I'm worried about the neighbours cats who go out too. Mine are in 24/7. Hope you are all ok over in Woodhouse

  • Hi stormwytch, that sounds awful. I hope you get some relief for your chest soon. :)

  • I'd see a doctor soon, then see a lawyer!!!

  • All the appointments were booked up till Wednesday, I'm going to take time off work as the office is about a mile away from here and next to a busy duel carriageway and railway line.

  • Great!!! I'll have you in my prayer's.

  • Thank you mitziblue - I'm hoping there is no permanent damage - the OH seems absolutely fine but I feel like I've been smoking 40 a day :-/

  • Hope they are right, but better safe than sorry. Sad to say you can't believe what people tell you to try and get out of trouble. Hopefully it will pass quickly.

  • Please dont wait 'til Wednesday, my lungs severely damaged after double pneumonia left scarring, now on oxygen 24/7. Your symptoms may/may not lead to permanent problems. Better safe than sorry.

  • Hi Tulips, can't see a doctor before Wednesday - unless there is a cancellation and judging by the amount of people on the Armley FB forum with headaches and other symptom, I can't see that happening. I will have to ring at 8.30 if I'm awake and coherent at that time, to be able to get in

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