If you feeling blue then fluffy cuddles are for you! any colour any size

If you feeling blue then fluffy cuddles are for you! any colour any size


This is a recap from an earlier post and I kinda thought some of you would be wondering what fluffies were :o

I've also noticed that many of us including myself are finding it a bit hard at the moment so..............

Today just for you all I have a full range of fluffies to give out to help ease the pain and sadness.

There are fluffy cuddles, fluffy cuddle couches, cushions, fluffies for snuggling and my top of the range recliners which are also programmed to omit lovely scents of your choosing.

Imagine reclining in pure fluffy softness whilst smelling sweet vanilla, musky lavender or cheeky chocolate?!

Which would you choose? what scents would you like and what would be your colour of choice?

:) xxxzebxxx :) NB: all virtual of course!!

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  • Im not a newbie but in alot of pain today so can i have extra flurries purple and lavender scent pretty please xxx

  • Aw! yeah! chell :) there my faves, purple is my ultimate fave colour and lavander is so relaxing and soothing,

    A bouquet is on route and wishing you well - pain is a terrible thing to endure and tolerate :) xxxzebxxx :)

  • Thank you Zeb. Purple is my favourite colour too love it soo much have a purple walking stick xxx

  • cool :D I wish my NHS finest were purple :o At least then I'd be thinking ' cool they're admiring my purple sticks' when people stare :o LOL .................... I wonder boing boing ....

    off to browse :D xxx

  • I decided to treat myself with the stick :) xxx

  • Could I have a pure white fluffy cloud please, big enough to sleep on so that I might sleep away this wretched fatigue that has been bugging me for the last 6 months, oh vanilla scented please...oh that would be bliss......sue xx

  • haha! good choice sounds very comfy to me one could definitely mellow out thinking of being on that. vanilla also soothing I find with subtle sweetness too :)

    A very relaxing neutral choice sue - on route to you now :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • I'd love a rainbow coloured fluffy cloud as I like loads of colour in my life but the skies are grey. and I stupidly let my OH paint the house to which I'm now bound in neutral colours. Thank you for your fluffy picture its great. enjoy your boinging.

  • I hear you Trish I'm surrounded by magnolia walls but have injected colour through fabrics etc or I'd go nuts I think.

    However, Rainbow fluffy cloud on route, please enjoy :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Wish I could cushions etc = clutter in oh eyes. lol

  • You can have a recliner and cushions for relaxing inTrish :)

    Already on their way :) xx

  • Thank you they are just what I needed today. Hope you are not suffering too much gentle hugs.

  • Please could I have a pale lavender coloured fluffy? That's a colour I find so relaxing.



  • Hi Jilly of course you can there's a bouquet on route to you :)

    How are you doing today? I agree that lavender is very relaxing I used to put drops of it on my OH's pillow half hour before he went to bed to help him sleep, he didn't even know I was doing it, it used to help reduce his snoring too :D LOL

    Many fluffies for you :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Thanks. Needed today as I am hitting a down. Not sure which bit hurts most at the moment.



  • hi zeb im not brand new but i don't have a fluffy so could i plz have a purple cuddle couch pleeeeeze :) x

  • Of course you can hunny :) a lovely and relaxing soft fluffy cuddle couch in purple heading your way :) xxxsianxxx :)

    Fab choice of colour :D

  • Hi zeb how r u Hun, :) . So good of you to cheer others up with your fluffies when your not so good yourself...wish you better soon....I'm also feeling rough so much pain and low could I please have a lavender fluffie armchair with the light fragrance of healing lavender....special gel hug for you....Dee xxx :) .....((((( Z )))))

  • Aw :) thanks Dee just getting on with it now my two little furry friends keep me amused and distracted. Sorry you're feeling the pain too and there's and lovely super soft lavender coloured and scented armchair and cushions on their way to you. If I can make you all smile it makes me smile :D

    :) xxxsianxxx :) aka zeb

  • Thanx Sian, I understand what you are saying about if we are making some one else smile it makes us feel better,I get a huge kick out of helping other people and making them happy...I'm sitting here being cosseted in my lovely lavender fluffie chair , thanx for that ...hugs Dee xxxx : ) xxx

  • aw thank u so much zeb:) ye i love purple ,sorry yr not feeling too good & hope yr better soon you too cookie,both of u snuggle up with your fluffies & keep warm xx

  • Cookie Siam. Foggy all you lovely fibromites I can not not name you all. We are all managing to get through our livesith pain and it is difficult but laughter and friendship will help us through. So I . Send you smiles. And laughter. Xxgins

  • Aww gins, what a lovely thing to say and I couldn't agree with you more, and you do such a good job of cheering others up and helping them, when you yourself are struggling really hard. So I send you huge smiles and lots of laughter to cheer you on............ Gins the generous group great gladness giver ! ( not the best alliteration -sorry ) :-) :-)

    Foggy x

  • Hi Foggy how are you this evening?

  • Ouch, spent more time on my feet than I should have, but then it's my own silly you doing? Hope you're ok :-)

    Foggy x

  • I'm tutting at you my friend ;) but wish you soft fluffy wellness :) I ouched myself yesterday mucking out the kids OH was supposed to help but he disappeared :O ........ Bennie is getting cuter by the day bless him :D squeak squeak :D

    Our backs just don't like it do they?

    I'm ok though :) thanks for asking and hope your aching painy bits sort themselves soon :)

    Have some pink and white spotty fluffies to help ease the pains and they giggle too LOL

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Thankyou Gins :)

    Together we all shine :) xxx :)

  • Hi all

    I have had a pretty poor day but sitting here reading these lovely mails does give me a lift. the way everyone is wishing good things to each other and all the sweet smelling fluffs that are being issued.

    All this has helped me no end, it is just so good to get away from the real world where the plane or helicopters crash and soldiers are indiscriminately murdered is just so refreshing.(sorry for bringing that up)

    All the fluffs that i needed when I first looked in are at least quartered by the way that people who are like me in extreme pain and are each giving a super lot of help. I know the fluffs are fictional but they are real enough for what you all have done for me tonight.

    Thank you all and keep smiling

    Take care and Kindest regards


  • Aw Terry, I give you many fluffies in rainbow colours and am wishing you a better day tomorrow :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Thank you for that. It is so beautiful and thoughtful of you. Thank you xx

  • Hi Ken :) thankyou fluffies are comforting but also mischievous at times especially around chocolate.............. don't worry its all part of the virtual fun :D

    How are you today Ken? Have you seen the Doc yet?

    Wishing you well and sending healing fluffies of rosemary and eucalyptus to aid recovery :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hi zeb73

    many thanks for that. I saw the doctor today, thanks, I am having the full MRI and will be booked in as a priority, so could get a phone call at any time this week or next week. She double my nortryptaline to 50mg a day. I think that is quite a high dose but if it helps I am all for it!!

    Hope you are well? Am thinking of you and sending you lots of pleasant vibes and thoughts xxxx

  • That's good news Ken :) Hope it comes through soon for you. Hope you're not on the East Coast like me as we're being battered by gusty gales :o

    take care and many healing fluffies for you :)


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