RELAXATION TECHNIQUE - Muscular relaxation AND Planned times for regular positive relaxation

Find a quiet warm place where you won't be disturbed. Choose a time of day when you do not feel pressured to do anything else. Lie down on your back, or sit in a well-supported chair if you are not able to lie down. Try to get comfortable and close your eyes.

The routine then is to work on each of your muscle groups. With each group of muscles, firstly tense the muscles as much as you can, then relax them fully.

Breathe in when you tense the muscles, and breathe out when you relax.

To start with, concentrate on your breathing for a few minutes. Breathe slowly and calmly.

Hands - clench one hand tightly for a few seconds as you breathe in. You should feel your forearm muscles tense; then relax as you breathe out. Repeat with the other hand.

Arms - bend an elbow and tense all the muscles in the arm for a few seconds as you breathe in; then relax as you breathe out. Repeat the same with the other arm.

Neck - press your head back as hard as is comfortable and roll it slowly from from side to side; then relax.

Face - try to frown and lower your eyebrows as hard as you can for a few seconds; then relax. Then raise your eyebrows (as if you were startled) as hard as you can; then relax.

Then clench your jaw for a few seconds; then relax.

Chest - take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds; then relax and go back to normal breathing.

Stomach - tense the stomach muscles as tightly as possible; then relax.

Buttocks - squeeze the buttocks together as much as possible; then relax.

Legs - with your legs flat on the floor, bend your feet and toes towards your face as hard as you can; then relax. Then bend them away from your face for a few seconds; then relax.

Then repeat the whole routine 3-4 times. Each time you relax a group of muscles, note the difference of how they feel when relaxed compared to when they are tense. Some people find it eases their general level of 'tension' if they get into a daily routine of doing these exercises.

This particular exercise has been taken from:

Hope some of you benefit from this and please do let me know how you get on I find it helps to release some of the stiffness in my joints :)

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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  • Many thanks for this zeb! I myself use the technique where you concentrate on each area of your body and relax that muscle group,slowly working your way up to your head.I will try your one as well and try to aim to do it daily :) how are you this evening?xxx

  • Hi H yes I use that one as it was the one we worked on as part of the pain management programme I went on :) works quite well. I like to try new ways now and again :)

    I'm doing ok, watched the footy with the boys and laughed a lot :)

    Moving about is slow and painful but I won't let it beat me ;)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Just tried it zeb, very good, hop you well nd ok, hugs to you ((((Z))))) ....Dee xxx

  • Excellent news Dee I'm so pleased :)

    I'm dropping to bits but happy :D got to be :D

    Lavender Fluffies on route to you (((Dee)))

  • Thank you for lavender fluffies Zeb, much appreciate , yes life's a bummer with this desease we have isn't it, but guess we must keep going and smiling otheise life wouldn't be worth living would it, and like I say there are lays people worse off, there are times when this thought doesn't help, but not very often, when I think of a lot of other people of my generation and age that dont possess a computer and can't get to grips with using one, when I think of how lonely they must be especially if they are housebound, my dear ole mother in law couldn't get to grips with using a house phone when they became popular let alone a computer lol bless her, I old go on and on, thinking about those times, but, have a lovely day zeb hope you feeling a little better today...sending you huge gentle hugs (((( S )))))) ......did I remember that initial correctly , ...throwing a handful of sunshine your way lol...Dee xxxx

  • Thanks Dee and you're very correct i remind myself everyday that there are people worse than me and strive to beat the pain as best I can too.

    I laughed at the computer thing because my mum was funny when it came to using one and now you can't keep her off it, she's on facebook, skype and as for on-line shopping............ well :D LOL

    Wishing your day be full of smiles (((Dee))) and thankyou for the sunshine its warmer and brighter already

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Thanks for this Zeb. I am not good at managing stress so this should be my goal for 2014.



  • Hi Jilly I hope it helps you i was terrible at managing stress I tried all kinds even this. Eventually I realised I was stressing so much about it and have worked to keep it part of my regime regularly, well daily really :)

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Hi Sian,

    I have used used meditation before but never mastered the art of relaxation or controlling my stress levels so this is definitely going to be worked on with your handy hints.



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