RELAXATION TECHNIQUE - Guided Imagery and Visualisation Relaxation

RELAXATION TECHNIQUE - Guided Imagery and Visualisation Relaxation


I love this picture and the way it slowly draws you to the island in the distance........ it doesn't look too far and the water is calm.

The more I look the colours and the sun absorb me urging me to get closer to the warmth of the yellow in the distance. I can smell the clean air as it whispers around me with scents of woodland.

I see a boat......... it a little rowing boat and swimming googles, snorkle, rubber ring and float.......... should I swim or row?

Which would you choose?

I choose to row slowly and each time I stop the sunspot in the centre gets bigger and looks even warmer I trickle my hands in the cool water for a minute and start rowing slowly once more.

Its becoming harder and more exhausting but the reward will be the island and the sun so I keep rowing

I'm there at last and collapse in the beautiful warm sand and lay there with the sun on my face warming me slowly as it moves through my head to my shoulders, arms, hands, torso, hips knees and feet. (don't forget your breathing deep long breaths)

I can feel my muscles relaxing starting from my toes working slowly though the feet, legs and knees upwards through the bodyhands, arms, shoulders and head

Repeat with breathing deeply

When ready I wake myself out of it and slowly and carefully stretch........

..................Now where's that picnic? Butty anyone? cup of tea?

:) xxxsianxxx :)

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  • Float across for me. I am struggling with my visualisation at the moment. It eased to be so easy but not at the moment.



  • sometimes it is difficult especially if your mind is swirling with stuff :)

    I think I'd more likely to catch a bus most days :D LOL

    Take care hunny wishing you well and sending some lovely lavender fluffies xxx

  • Thanks for the lavender fluffs, very soothing.



  • Still dealing with ice cream, OMG I must be getting huge!

    That's the kind of landscape I take. Lovely.

    Must be serious, ok that might take some time. I've had that before and it's great when in the right mood, I usually have to discipline myself first. :)

  • good practice my friend :)

    .................... I think if I take any more ice-cream I'll pop :D

  • Its no good no matter how hard I try all all I can see is a picture of a boat. Visualisation for me has been a no go since I had a major illness 14yrs ago. before then I loved to visualise that i could fly,,, Id go,, Out of the town, out of the town,,, over the hill.. over the down ..over the bridges... over the lea...under the bridges and down to the sea....... Dont know why that poem jumped into my mind but it does sum it up. except for the fantastic feeling of souring and swooping through the air. But then it is a poem about a train and whoever heard of a flying train. :)

  • I know the boat and other pics in hindsight were a bad idea ;)

  • Not a bad Idea, good idea, bad brains

  • Excellent dude

  • I like that! It's very beautiful

    Take care

    Ken x

  • zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.................................

  • Hi Judith :)

    Are they good zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's or not so good zzzzzzzzzzzzzz's ?

    :) xxxsianxxx :)

  • Always good when it happens. Hugs and love xxxxxxx

  • Aw I am pleased :)

    Lovely calming and relaxing lavender fluffies heading your way xxx

  • OOhhh lovely they've arrived safely hugs x

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