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Breathing exercises against the Ache, exhaustion, feverishness & breathlessness


I’d love to know if anyone *doesn’t find the breath-hold-exercise in the following guided tutorial to be very helpful for Ache, exhaustion/fatigue, feverish-feeling, shortness of breath & eyesight?! Why don't you try it now? The first round takes 3mins, all 3 rounds 11 mins.

It helps me tons. I’m looking for further ones, but nothing is quite as good.

While cycling I’m also holding my breath and practicing very deep breaths, feeling how my lungs are become ‘bigger and bigger’. As soon as I feel the need for more breath, I do some of these, as I feel necessary. I often hunger for more oxygen, but now I know what do do.

I didn’t use to think breathing exercises particularly helpful for anything, apart from one:

Holding one wing of the nose, breathing slowly out thru it, slowly in, other wing, out, in.

Also OK: Breathing out and in to the count of 4, then after a while 5, then 6, then 7 (holding 2).

On youtube I’ve found a PT saying it’s good for serotonin, getting to sleep (again), anxiety etc.

(In almost ALL following exercises: in thru nose, out thru mouth, short hold in between)

His fave is the lip brake: Fill lungs and cheeks and use the lips to brake the air whilst leaving.

Or: he presses his fingers further under the lowest ribs every time he breathes out (lying down).

He recommends to yawn often.


In 7, hold 4, out 8 against anxiety.

Breathing into folded hands (against hyperventilating)


Breathe deeply in and out with your hands on your belly.

Breathe in, put both arms up, breathe out.

Breathe in & out with one arm rounded over the head, the hand of the other on the flank under that arm.

Breathe in & out with torso turned more and more.

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Hi there, sorry I've never heard of it. But I'm glad you've found something that is helping you :)


YassytinaFMA UK Volunteer

Hello there, I’ve never seen this, but I know we sometimes forget to actually breathe properly and do some breathing exercises, I do try to remember this most days, when I had anxiety I found it really important to learn a procedure to help.


i've not heard of this particular breathing exercise - but proper breathing can definitely help as part of your self management toolkit. I know when i have stress/anxiety related pain then doing some breathing exercises can help to reduce the pain (and the anxiety) xxx

wp has an article on Wim Hof - he's a bit of a guru/coach-type, has lots of fans and stuff, which I dislike, but if tried carefully and not expecting too much (cancer... O.o), it can't harm you. But to me this specific exercise is something *completely different to normal breathing exercises for my fibro-Ache etc.... I'm very glad that a friend of mine suggested this and his cold showering a few months ago when she heard that whole body cryotherapy helps me a lot. Which another friend of mine suggested. So 2 of my friends have helped me more than 40+ docs... O.o

Prefer getting a decent experienced yoga teacher to teach me various breathing exercises. I have quite a few that I deploy as needed. I ❤️ yoga and it's helped me through so many darker days.

JayCeon in reply to moo196

Ehm, have you tried the breath-hold one then? As I say, it gives you "10x" more oxygen!

moo196 in reply to JayCeon

I'm not sure that's scientifically proven and I'm certainly not clicking on any links here.

A decent yoga teacher will teach various breath techniques that will help with different symptoms. I know my lung capacity is incredibly improved.

JayCeon in reply to moo196

moo196 - I'm not talking lungs... Could you share a breath technique with us to quickly alleviate the fibro-Ache, exhaustion and shortness of breath?

Have you had bad experience with links here, or why are you skeptical/afraid of clicking? You can see it's just a youtube-link, can't you? You could search youtube for <guided wim hof method breathing>. And if you need science, read the Wim Hof article on wikipedia. Without clicking on links here. I can also quickly describe the exercise: 30x "controlled hyperventilation" (count of 2 in, same out, no pause between), then comfortably hold breath to up to about 60 secs., then breathe in and hold breath another 15 secs. Repeat twice with holding 90 secs. That's just it. It's just helps concentrate if you listen to the guided tutorial. Outside I count my heartbeats and add on 10-20%.

If we here could only rely on science, we wouldn't get far, would we? And yoga is not scientifically particularly proven either. I doubt this breath-hold exercise is new, it's so easy that it has probably been used by yogis for thousands of years too, real yogis, not modern Western yoga teachers....

moo196 in reply to JayCeon

That's why I love my very experienced, Sivananda trained yoga teacher 🙏

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