I can smell the freshness and the beautiful clean air which allows me to breathe long and deep

I can hear the peacefulness and sense the sereneness around me

I can feel the quietness and solitude and it makes everything feel calm and relaxed

The nothingness around me and the stillness of the lake surrounds me with a sense of calm and I'm able to breathe easy.

What do you think? what do you smell, hear and feel?

Awaken your senses and explore the sereneness capture the image in your mind and let yourself be submerged into the beauty and breathe long and deep

xxxzebxxx :) soft lavender and yalng ylang fluffies to you all :)

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  • Morning Zeb what wonderful imagery and such a good lesson. I could be almost anywhere I want to be with this picture So your image has made me already feel calmer for the day thanks hun. xx


  • Morning Gins xx you are very welcome :)

  • Me too, such a lovely calm serene place, my only prob was that instantly felt cold, but then the beauty of the place overcame that and I could hear nothing but birdsong, the smell of pine and I felt so calm all the stresses and strains drained away and the feeling of safety overcame me.................. Wonderful, absolutely wonderful, thank you zeb :-)


    Foggy x

  • Hi Foggy xx yes there is a sense of coolness in the air making breathing easier nice and crisp and fresh :)

  • It reminds me of where I was last week... happy memories :)

    Pip xx

  • Aw! that's pretty cool pip, No wonder you were looking forward to going :)

  • Morning everyone,what a beautiful,calm and peaceful scene.....please take me there! It makes me feel at peace,happy and serene.I can't hear anything just the stillness,as for smell let me see.....the cool,crispness of the water.Many thanks zeb! :) I shall keep looking at this pic to capture these feelings :)

  • By the way zeb I love your little mousy pic :) Does this mean that you won't be doing any boinging any more? :D

  • always boinging! zeb shall be back very soon xxxx

  • Haribo, you are very welcome my friend xx :)

  • How are you today zeb?x

  • A lot better thank you Haribo I've got my boing back ;) :D :)

    How are you?


  • Iam really tired atm as just got back from food shopping.I had a very emotional day Yesturday with boyfriend.We were going to split up and I was crying my eyes out.I spoke to him and told him how I feel and we are going to give it one last go.So I've got the remains of a migraine from Yesturday and feel very drained.So glad that you have tour boing back :)

  • silly me see reply below xxx

  • Hey Haribo, I'm pleased that you expressed your feelings to your partner and you must be exhausted from that alone. Remember your relaxation and rest up my friend because a fluffmeister needs her assistant to be as boingy as she is BOING! LOLOLOL

    Take it easy xxxx zeb xxxx come on hariboing!!! did you see what I did there heehehehehh!

  • Hi zeb,don't worry I will gather all my strength to assist you in boinginess and fluffie order.Just to let you know that my fluffies are all behaving in my fluffie petting corner :D

  • Good to hear :D xxx you know if we pooled our strength there maybe enough for that of 2/3 of a person. We need a 3rd fibro so that we can have the strength of a whole person LOLOL

    xxxzebxxx hugs and fluffies

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