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RELAXATION TECHNIQUE - Guided Imagery and Visualisation Relaxation

RELAXATION TECHNIQUE - Guided Imagery and Visualisation Relaxation

Look at picture and the path where is it taking you to............ the beach

Find yourself a comfortable place to lie down and slowly but steadily breathe in and out, close your eyes and starting from your toes moving slowly through legs, hips, torso, arms, hands, neck, and back, stretch the muscles on inhale and relax them on exhale repeat twice

You are standing on that path........... take a long deep breath and smell the clean salt water and beach....

Imagine yourself walking along that path toward the water.... over the fine, hot sand.... you are feeling very hot....

See the waves gently lapping the sand..... and receding back toward the ocean.... washing up.... and flowing back down..... enjoy the ever-repeating rhythm of the waves...

You walk closer to the waves, and feel the sand becoming wet and firm....

Walk further into the clear, clean water.... you can see the white sand under the water.... the water is a pleasant, relaxing temperature.... providing relief from the hot sun... cool but not cold....

If you wish.... swim if you want to.... enjoy the ocean for a few minutes..... allow the visualization relaxation to deepen.... more and more relaxed... enjoy the ocean....

Calm and refreshed you walk back out of the water and onto the beach and stroll along the water's edge.... free of worries... no stress... calm..... enjoying the moment

You stumble across a lounge chair and towel, sit or lie down in the chair, or spread the towel on the sand.... relax on the chair or towel.... enjoying the sun feel its warmth move through your body.... the gentle breeze and waves.... listen to the sounds they make and allow all your stresses to melt away....

When you are ready to return from your trip do so slowly.... remembering to breathe

Bring yourself back to your usual level of alertness and awareness....

Keep with you the feeling of calm and relaxation.... feeling ready to return to your day....

Open your eyes, stretch your muscles... and become fully alert... refreshed... and filled with energy.

You can practice this visualization relaxation as often as you wish, to provide a mental vacation whenever you need it. Visualization relaxation is a skill that can be learned; the more you practice, the more skilled you will become and more effectively you will be able to relax using visualization relaxation.

Let me know how you get on :) xxxsianxxx :)

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3rd try I keep messing up.........Zeb my friend will you please stop telling me how to relax and explain how do I stay awake.I did really well over christmas but since packing the decs away it has caught up with me 13 hrs sleep and still nodding off all day. Still its better than no sleep, and still no knob. hugs sue


LOL Sue ;)

Have you had your iron/ferretin levels checked being anaemic can cause extreme fatigue. I found out before Christmas my levels were low so put on iron tablets I lost three days to sleep :o

I do feel a bit better though they do irritate my bowel :o

:) xxxsianxxx :) many giggling fluffies to keep you awake hahahahah :D


They were checked a couple of months ago and were fine. I want to get my vitamin levels checked but I ll hang on a bit longer , now things have improved with my doc I dont want to push things too far too fast and end up putting his nose out of joint again..x


Its so sad that it gets like that xxx

I often diagnose myself like the bursitis in my elbow today LOL and had an awkward discussion about thyroid testing and all tests in general and results showing normal but really they're not :o

Its our bodies hun we must have some control ;) xx


Going to give this a go ty for posting ♥


Thankyou and hope it works for you pinot let me know how you get on with it :)

I found it difficult at first but kept having a go :)

I have one half hour session at around 2:30 pm most days and find it helps me a lot :) xx


I find this a brilliant way of relaxing and empowering oneself thanks for posting it again xxgins

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Yeah I love it :)

having a creative imagination helped me conquer the art of it I think ;) but it took me a while..........

:) xxxsianxxx :)


Thanks for posting. You are right, relaxation is very important. I'm better at it now but still not great. This is a good reminder. Thanks


You're welcome and I agree it does take time and practice. I was 20 the first time after my PCN gave me a tape to listen to but I couldn't get away with the voice it just made laugh too much so I naturally dissed the process. Later on when I was less naive and more mature I took it seriously and kept at it until I could do it. So glad that I did as I don't need the tapes now :)


My husband keeps nagging me to do it too. I should do it especially on my work days because I always come home tense and sore. Will try! Thanks.


Thanks zeb ...... I have been using meditation and visualisation for many years . It really works for me . Really good in the night when I cant sleep ,sometimes I drop off but if not at least I am relaxed . I choose something I really enjoyed .Decorating a room , going to concert , meeting someone it , out in the country walking on the grass smelling the flowers , floating away on a ballon . really doesnt matter as long as it is enjoyable.

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Me too :) I do like to visualise warmth once I feel that I could be anywhere and sometimes I take myself on a train journey to get to the warmth with the journey being the prep for the relaxation.

I like to visualise smells too to give the senses a workout I like lavander, violet, ylang-ylang and geranium for their sweet scents very therapeutic.

:) xxx :)

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