been rejected for pain clinic

gp just phoned ive been rejected for pain clinic, he had said before he tried that they wont usually take people with fibro, and ours is usually for oap;s , im upset and annoyed at this not being awful here but why is so many clinics for oap's what about the rest of us? we are suffering to probably more, he told me to go and see him on friday as he said theres other avenues we could go down? anyone got any ideas what they could be?? he did mention a psychologists ?


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  • I was rejected by my local pain clinic .. My pain and arthritis is too much for them apparantly... My GP and the pain injections I have they said outweighs what they could offer me so we can form our own reject club :)

  • the reject club haha love it


  • thats not very kind dont understand why you would find this amusing.

  • Because if you don't laugh you would cry .... It's called coping ...

    VG x

  • exactly if i dont laugh i would never stop crying


  • I quite agree. There are many times I feel like jacking it all in, then I come on this page and I'm lifted again!! It's good to laugh, it makes life a bit easier, don't ya think?? XX

  • Like VG said you have to laugh, there's some many sad people about.I laugh a lot, my husband I laugh at our selves he as arthritis and is still working. Because I laugh it doesn't mean I'm not in pain, I and a lot out there are in a lot of pain every day, you just have to try and get on with it. I will have to leave my personality at the door when I go for my tribunal, I also have to fill a form in for esa, that will cause me a lot of pain. Hugs from another member of the reject club xx

  • Don't take life so seriously...learn to

  • It's all about money....they simply don't have the funds or so they tell us??? Funny how they have the money to give free boob jobs and fit gastric bands.

  • What a shame. Our's ran a group just for fibromyalgia. Pyschologists can help with pain, a CBT approach.



  • Hi

    I used the pain clinic and had various treatments, acupuncture, steroid injections and the hire of a TENS machine, none of it did any good, when I found out I had fibro it was mutually decided not to bother anymore because it affects so many parts of the body I am not sure there is all that much they can do.

    I just felt I was wasting my time and theirs by being there and as fibro affects virtually all areas where do they start?

  • Hi i went to pain clinic once never went back took me hour to get there and i was in there 10 mins were no help at all all they said was here we go pop another pill see you in 6 months i thought i would have had a whole lot more help with regards to managing pain was no good at all xx

  • Hi bellabot Just a tad annoyed with your comment on oap ,but many oap have struggled for years and years and years with their pain and diseases ,and let me tell you they only get worse as you get older . I struggled for years working and bringing up my children on my own Probably did more damage to my body but needs must I used to get home from work and into a hot bath that my son would have ready for me then into bed to rest . They were my carers. I do know pain I eventually had to give up work ,but my boys were working by then and I had met an amazing man So I count myself lucky . On the pain clinic I got the chance to attend and I certainly found it most helpful also there were many attending who most def, were not OAP It may have to do with your local councils budget ,as you know each area have different guidelines as to medicines and occupational therapy allowed . It may also be that there are people worse off than you are Though I doubt if that is what you want to hear . I do hope that you get help. Being part of that group has helped me to pace myself more and not keep putting everyone first and my body into a flare . Take care Voutton

  • i apologise for saying that i was in a bit of a mood and upset im going through a tribunal also but its no exscuse very sorry, my mams a oap and god bless her i dont now what i would do without her she lives with us now and has taken the load of running the house off me and would like to think things were available for her, i apologise again.

    my gp has told me they dont like taking on fibro patients as they would be unandated

    dont think ive spelt that right but anyway they could not cope with high levels of fibro patients.



  • I'm lucky that the pain clinic on IOW has been helpful. Been prescribed bupernorphine patches. I cannot understand the pain clinics view on fibro. Surely that's what they are there for. Anyway, good luck with the psychiatrist, as Jilly said they may offer the CBT approach which a lot of people have found helpful, can't comment personally on this as I haven't tried it. Let us know how you get on. Becky.

  • when I asked about the possibility of being referred to pain clinic my GP told me "they don't deal with your type of pain - it's more for people who need injections and have much worse pain " - Hmmmm - that told me ! I said that whilst I know its very different type of pain, if I coped with childbirth without pain relief and recently had endoscopy without sedation that perhaps when I DO ask for help, I mean it !

    Am coping at the mo as it hasn't flared up recently but am now pinning hopes on being referred to local group that may help.

  • Are the NHS allowed to be 'age'ist'?

    If someone is in pain and the sessions are for 'oap's' t wouldn't bother me about joining them. After all pain is pain.

    I love living amongst oap's so being treated along side them, would be fine by me. I already have a metal hip, does that qualify me to join the club :)

    I have to admit the last time I went to a pain clinic I. Had the same pains I have now, it's just now I have a name for them!!

    I would consider taking it up with PALs, the patients liaisons service . They may be able to help.

    Good luck xx

  • I'm sorry to hear you were rejected by your pain clinic. I live in Scotland and i suffer severe Fibro , thing is i have been a patient of the pain clinic since last Oct . By mentioning a psychologist he's maybe thinking about going down the route of CBT

    I hope you find some satisfaction whatever route your doctor advises for you

    Kira x

  • My experience with pain clinic was bad, I got the impression they thought my problems were in my head and not my body. My sessions were 2 hours long and if I wasn’t in much pain when I went in I was when I came out, and being there playing with Tennis balls didn’t do much for the pain. What we should do is insist that every Hospital has a Fibro clinic that gives real help but with the NH’S getting closer and closer to be privatised I can’t see that happening.

  • Pain clinics should be open to everyone who needs them, regardless of age, or disability.

    If older people are treated at the expense of younger that's as bad as it would be the other way round - and that certainly happens a lot!

    The medical profession is very good at treating things they can cure, but seem to fail in the treatment of long-term chronic illness. I think they find it boring. In truth, it IS very boring! I am bored stiff with it, and would like very much to be restored to a full and interesting lifestyle, instead of having to think about the possible effect of all that I do!

    Moffy x

  • Rofl moffs that's exactly how I summed up my form for the pain clinic ... It said at the end how would you explain your state of mind.... I wrote .... Bored and resigned.... The man assessing me said he was surprised I still had a sense of humour.....

    Us fibromites have to otherwise we would just give in

    VG x

  • i am an oap and i get rejected for everything! dla the powers that be hope i will die before they have to fork out any money! lol i did say this to the i have letters from dr..mental health etc saying how i struggle..but it comes back you can manage!...xx

  • I was sent to a pain clinic, after a serious accident involving my back.

    I saw two women, one psychiatric nurse of some sort, the other pain management nurse, they had no recent info on me, and reduced me to tears by ridiculing my pain, they said we all have aches and pains, you just have to get on with life!

    I was suffering from PTSD, as well as split and bulging discs in my lower spine, facet joint inflammation causing constant severe sciatica, I had lost my job, and been told that there is nothing to be done by a top neurologist.

    When I got upset at the way I was being treated by them they laughed at me, and told me to pull myself together!

    I thought it was all my fault due to my fragile state of mind after the trauma. When I saw a psychiatrist, for treatment for the PTSD, and told him what they had been like he was so furious he put in a formal complaint to the hospital,.

    I know it sounds silly, but I have never wanted to go to a pain clinic again, I am sure there are some good ones, but I think it could well trigger my PTSD symptoms to try again!

    Hopefully you will find a better deal than this, good luck,


  • I did the blood tests so I could be referred . They wore bk to my GP and said I had to go do them all again as its new rules . GP said they are changing all their rules for whom gets in now. Well I'm going up to have them done all again ,, see what happens ,, walked away feeling like my GP wasn't sure himself what's happening x

  • On another thread, similar topic, I saw the following link: IAPT Service Directory - NHS services for depression and anxiety, IAPT standing for Improving Access to Psychological Therapies.

    Just in case it might help ... :)


  • I went to a hospital and done a 1 month pain clinic and we were all young and had pain related illness. 4 of us were fibro and we had 2 top docs for fibro on course plus they had dedicated fibro classes. I am lucky I live on doorstep of dedicated fibro pain clinic, but there are p?aces there. it was a cost of 20k for 1 month on NHS, and they do have limited places and stringent rules for getting on it. but it was fantastic at showing to recognise when flare ups were coming, and managing pain.

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